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Staffing Agency as Your Partner in Planning, A Tip for 2014

As you and your firm begin the end-of-year cycle of organizational development and planning, a tip for 2014 is to consider your staffing agency as your partner as you explore options to growth for your firm’s capacity, in terms of its workforce.

Specifically, you can direct hire full time equivalent employees, or manage a balance of other temporary employees that have unique benefits to achieving your company’s goals and objectives.

Barton staffing Solutions and its affiliate, Barton Professional Placement Group, can help you find employees to meet your objectives in the following four categories. As a tip for 2014, consider the benefits and limitations of each to ensure you are managing growth optimally.

Direct Hire employees. These are full time employees that you hire directly. They are committed employees receiving their paycheck directly from you, as well as any standard benefits you provide. Often, direct-hire is the default approach to building an organization.

Independent Contractors. Independent contractors are individuals under contract to perform a service or task needed by your company. They are often paid under the terms of a contract, and their assignment has specific boundaries, or is retainer-based. Independent contractors can be tricky so be sure your finance partner is involved.

Temporary Employees. Many companies find great value in the flexibility of a temporary workforce, and value the partnership of a temporary staffing agency to support their needs. The workforce is the employee of the agency, who handles all payroll. While there is great flexibility, you must have a strong relationship with you staffing firm to ensure quality, production, retention, and other factors that make a difference.

Temp-to-Hire Employees. As a path to building a direct-hire workforce, many firms bring employees on as temporary employees, and as opportunity or demand increases for direct-hire positions, they choose from the trained pool of temporary workers in the company. This is a win-win for both employees and companies. Your staffing firm should have a flexible path for this option.

Regardless of the approach your take to build your organization for growth in 2014, Barton Staffing Solutions and it’s affiliate, Barton Professional Placement Group, can help you achieve your goals. To learn more about the benefits and reasons to choose any of the four options above, call your local Barton Staffing Solutions office today.