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Trends & Impact #5: Temporary Worker Eligibility and Discrimination

Welcome to the fifth in the series of Staffing Industry Trends and Impact blogs from Barton Staffing Solutions. Today’s topic is Temporary Worker Eligibility and Discrimination. These topics are the result of many RFP renewal requests we receive this time of year. As industry thought leaders, we share our observations to elevate the entire industry.

Barton Staffing Solutions, like any company, keeps a close watch on Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulatory issues affecting its business. Yes, temporary staffing firms must comply with these rules and regulations like any other firm doing business in the United States. In addition, we take great care to be on the forefront of doing business within and as required under employment law, immigration reform, privacy law (credit and background checks) and other regulatory changes at the federal, state and local level that affect our clients, the workplace, our services and the temporary employees we provide.

We have a comprehensive set of policies and internal rules and procedures to help Barton Staffing Solutions execute business, both ethically and within the law with regard to eligibility and discrimination.

As an added level of qualification for our clients, Barton Staffing Solutions uses E-Verify to ensure that every employee we send out is eligible to work under the law. This is, of course, in addition to any needed training, testing, certification that the specific client business requires from the employee during candidate qualification.

Barton Staffing Solutions also requires universal (all temporary employees hired going forward) drug testing. Our zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy is well known, and ensures we are providing the best and safest temporary workers to our clients. The zero-tolerance policy each employee signs also ensures that in the rare case of an accident, mandatory drug and alcohol test will be administered, which is a good incentive for a safer workplace.

Barton Staffing Solutions makes these policies universal to ensure there is no discrimination based on any of the well defined characteristics. We select candidates based on the core factors of 1) eligible to work in the US based on E-Verify results, 2) universal drug and alcohol testing (and zero-tolerance policy while at work), and 3) knowledge, skills, experience and ability and to perform the job as the client’s job description requires.

To ensure the third item does not discriminate against any qualified worker, we can at our clients request, use ProveIt! skills testing. ProveIt! is a third party test provider with hundreds of skill topics.

We believe our standards and policies result in a better and safer workforce to offer our clients. Barton Staffing Solutions employees, your temporary workforce, have told us working here is a great place, and we have over a third of our employees earning holiday paid time off as a benefit of retention with us. Lower turnover in our temporary workforce, means better retention for the trained temporary employees you have on your team from Barton Staffing Solutions.

Call Barton Staffing today if you would like to learn more about how this trend and impact is being managed and minimized for us, and your workforce.