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Trends & Impact #6: Workplace Harassment and Violence

Welcome to the sixth (and last) in the series of Staffing Industry Trends and Impact blogs from Barton Staffing Solutions. Today’s topic is Workplace Harassment and Violence as it pertains to the temporary worker. These topics are the result of many RFP renewal requests we receive this time of year. As industry thought leaders, we share our observations to elevate the entire industry.

A trend that Barton Staffing Solutions has as zero-tolerance policy against is harassment and violence in the workplace. Unfortunately, this behavior is on the increase in our area. We are not economists and can’t say for sure what the cause is, but our policies are clear.

Barton staffing solutions, like any company must have a formal set of policies for its temporary workers to follow while on the job. Generally, the Barton Staffing Solutions policies are stricter than many firms, which we feel is best in serving our client’s needs.

Our policy is a zero-tolerance policy for any forms of behavior that can be considered harassment, which includes bullying, and any form of intimidation that makes another employee or temporary worker feel threatened. Our safety policy is in concert with this harassment policy, ensuring that horseplay, often the excuse made for harassment allegations. For safety reasons, horseplay is unacceptable behavior in the workplace at any time.

Our worker screening process focuses on hiring temporary workers that are there to help and deliver on our clients objectives for productivity, quality and results with a focus on safety. There is just no room for behavior that threatens others.

Of equal importance is Barton Staffing Solutions’ zero-tolerance policy that prohibits violence in the workplace at any time. There is never a time when violent behavior is tolerated.

With the recent changes to gun regulation in the state of Illinois, this zero-tolerance policy extends to carrying any kind of weapon on workplace assignment premises.

Breaking these policies is ground for immediate termination, without question.

Barton Staffing Solutions has these policies to ensure we contribute to the safe workplace environment of our clients that supports the purpose of our client’s businesses. to learn about these, and other Barton Staffing Solutions policies which create a better temporary workforce for your company, call us today.