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Holiday Workplace Safety Reminders – Ideas for 2014

With the holidays upon us, and our head thinking about all the end-of-year tasks like smoke-detector batteries, it’s worth a check up on your safety programs to ensure you prepare to do what may have been neglected, on your safety to do list, or just needs to be done before the new year begins. Call this blog Holiday Workplace Safety Reminders – Ideas for 2014.

As you plan for the new year, consider expanding your safety committee objectives.

If you don’t have a safety committee, consider starting one. Ask Barton Staffing Solutions safety manager how we might help you engage in this valuable effort.

Put metrics around improving safety and set some goals for the team to lead your company in achieving this year. Your CFO will appreciate the return on that investment when it comes to insurance renewals and the savings that can result.

Make a site inspection, and review all aspects of safety in your work place. Check all machines to be sure guards and barriers are all working properly. Explore all storage and traffic areas for issues, signs, placards. Correct and replace anything you find.

Review your safety training program for all employees, and make adjustments. If you have employees that need training in your training audit, try to get it done by the end of the year to start the next year on the right foot for safety.

Make your own list of workplace safety reminders for 2014 by adding to this list. December is a great month to prepare for the safety-focused start of the year for all your employees, including temporary employees. Barton Staffing Solutions is here to help – give us a call.