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12 Reasons To Add Temporary Staffing – Ideas for 2014

In Monday’s blog, we discussed increasing existing temporary staffing for 2014 and making it a company goal. Some of the feedback asked the question: “If we have no temporary employees, what is a good starting objective to add temporary staffing to the workforce mix?”

Seems this is a question for both employers, and for employees to ponder as the economy continues to shift.

For companies, the end of the year is a good time to build the financial case for initiating the mix from “no temporary” staffing to “some temporary” staffing. Human resource professionals often take the lead with Finance to develop the case into viable plans for the coming year.

One quick spreadsheet and the answer will be clear. The experience may prove to be significant as your team achieves company goals for 2014. Use the spreadsheet as a goal, and a metric.

The benefits for companies to use a temporary workforce are clear:

  1. Seasonal or inconsistent work requires a workforce that can grow and shrink on demand.
  2. Unique skill sets on demand, or an unplanned need.
  3. The shift to a service economy continues to evolve workforce skill requirements.
  4. Many higher-skilled workers are in demand that they prefer to freelance.
  5. Try out some employees using a temp-to-hire approach.
  6. Project work may require assigning short-term employees.
  7. Reduce overall human resource management through long-term temporary workforce.

Employees prospecting for new opportunities will also find planning for their 2014 objectives, that temporary staffing might be a good path. These reasons for employees to consider temporary staff positions are also quite attractive:

  1. Gain experience in a rapidly evolving service economy.
  2. Interview companies and managers in an on-the-job environment.
  3. Immediate income when the direct-hire market lacks opportunity.
  4. Avoid gaps in work experience through temporary work.
  5. Network with other temporary workers and company leaders.

Outside of the shift to a service economy, and the economic conditions that exist, these are only a few of the many reasons the employer and for the employee should be considering this path.

If you have not thought of temporary staffing for you, or for your organization, call Barton Staffing Solutions today. If a job seeker, check out the available jobs on our website. If an employer, look at the open or high-turnover positions you have in your firm, and call to have a conversation about how Barton Staffing Solutions can help you keep these filled with a temporary workforce.