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Need a New Staffing Company? Fourth in a Series – Metrics and Tools

Last week, we initiated this series on what to look for when you need a new staffing company. And, with Friday’s second blog on process, and the important elements to examine when choosing a Staffing Company, seems logical to follow it with today’s blog on metrics and tools.

Quite often we meet with the leaders and managers of a new client and they ask us a few question to evaluate Barton Staffing Solutions with other temporary agencies they are considering. More often, we meet new clients that do not know what questions to ask to evaluate key performance metrics from their staffing agency.

It is important to really understand the value and importance of tools and metrics you ask your prospective staffing agency about. To help you in your search for your next staffing agency, consider asking about these metrics and tools factors.

  1. Industry thought leadership. Does the prospective agency participate as an active member in the ASA (American Staffing Association), or other staffing industry associations, such as the ISSA (Illinois Search and Staffing Association)? Are they a member in good standing? Do they have certifications? Are there vertical industry associations that parallel your industry that they participate in?
  2. Turnover rates, internal and staff. Ask about two (2) turnover rates. First, look into the way they measure turnover of temporary staff placed at clients. The rate at which temp staff turnover before an assignment is done should not be higher than your company’s full-time employee turnover rates. Look for something in the 25% rate. Ignore the industry metrics that have rates in the 250% to 350% – they are meaningless. Barton Staffing sets the standard for how to measure turnover of temporary staff in our blog. Second, look at how often internal staff (administrators, recruiters, and others) turnover at the temporary firm. You want to build a partnership with the people at the firm, and high turnover tells you something.
  3. Temp-to-perm policy and rates. Do they have one? Is the policy also employee-centric and client-centric to enable your growth, and the growth of individuals that meet your full-time hiring needs? Look for flexibility and willingness to support your growth. If the firm’s policy holds you hostage, the firm is not working with you. Ask for the ratio of temp-to-perm transitions.
  4. Existing client satisfaction. Ignore surveys, they are most often contrived to produce a specific answer. Instead, ask for references, and ask those references if they are satisfied. Don’t rely on published testimonials, call them directly, ask the questions that have meaning to your decision.
  5. Recruiting metrics. Of course, you want to fill temporary staff positions as soon as possible, but this depends on what kind of unique staffing needs you have. Compare apples to apples – meaning there is no standard rate – but there is a relative rate – relative to the business and industry you have. Look and compare interview-to-hire rates, time-to-hire for like industries and positions, and other individual temporary staff performance factors for your company.

The reason to dig deep here is to separate the staffing firms that just send bodies over that can contribute to your costs and losses and those firms that spend the time up front to seek out the best employees to serve your needs, align with your business, and help you deliver on productivity, safety, financial growth, and other meaningful business goals.

Barton Staffing is ready to meet with you and have this level discussion. Let us show you how we align with our customer’s business goals, and other performance initiatives that temporary staffing can support.