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Holiday Job Search New Year’s Resolution To Re-Enter Job Market

Last Friday’s blog on holiday job search strategy generated some interesting feedback that I want to share today. Many people have been sitting on the sidelines in a stalled job market as the result of a few years of down economy.

The challenge for want-to-be workers and employees is the existence of gaps in their work history. It’s not entirely your fault that there have been a shortage of jobs. Employers always want to hire people with the strongest continuous recent work history. So, it’s important to build that your work history back up – now.

This challenge can be overcome, if you take advantage of these three things in your favor now!

  1. The economy is recovering and there is a shortage of workers in many skilled industrial jobs. If you have a skill from machine operator, CAD, CNC, clerical, or other skill used in the manufacture of goods and materials, logistics, or distribution highlight that on your resume, as demand is increasing.
  2. Don’t wait until January 1 get back in the job market or to start your new years resolutions. You are reading this now, and you should NOT WAIT to get your career back on track. Just like every other new years resolution, the sooner you start, the sooner you can achieve results.
  3. Use temporary staffing to build up your work history. There are jobs for skilled industrial, clerical, logistics, distribution, and other positions in many industries. Build up experience through temporary staffing assignments that put you in the market. Do it now.

Thousands of people on January 2, the day after new years, begin calling employers and applying for work – beat them to it by starting now. Don’t wait to start – be the first to be considered by an employer or temporary staffing agency by applying now.

Barton Staffing Solutions is here to help you get back in the job market, build a work history and take advantage of the recovering economy. Do it now, apply online today at www.BartonStaffing.com