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Have Your Staffing Agency Partners Passed Safety Qualification?

In last Friday’s blog, “Did You Know Barton Staffing Solutions Offers Formal Skills Testing?”, we discussed the importance of applicant skills testing. You should also be asking: “How well tested and qualified are my recruiting and staffing agency partners?”

In particular, to understand the qualifications for applicants and candidates, and to determine how well aligned they are with the policies and procedures you have at your facility for fundamental safety qualification, your recruiters and staffing agency should be tested, qualified and have experience.

Consistent at almost every facility we serve with skilled industrial temporary employees is the requirement for, and qualification of, applicants to understand fundamentals of safety in the workplace.

At Barton Staffing Solutions, every recruiter, and many of the staffing managers, have all passed safety testing. Several have passed with 100% test scores.

The tests are real, and developed with industry input to ensure valid questions on the evaluation. Many temporary agencies say they have testing, but few may really understand it since they have not held the job for which they are recruiting. The next best thing is to train recruiters and staffing managers and then test their knowledge. If they pass these qualifications, they can perform a better service aligned with your company’s needs.

Barton Staffing Solutions uses ProveIt! testing from KeneXa, not only to evaluate applicants and candidates based on client’s specific requests. we use the tools to ensure that our own internal people, recruiters, managers, and others, understand what your specific needs and qualifications are. Our internal recruiters and staffing managers all take and pass the ProveIt! Safety Test.

This is a unique approach for the staffing industry, and adds great value in the service Barton Staffing Solutions brings to its clients. It is our goal to understand your needs directly. Barton Staffing Solutions delivers a number of unique values to clients who leverage temporary staffing as a fundamental business advantage for their operation. To learn more, call or contact us today.