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Applicant Supply And Demand Moves Fast As Economy Heats Up

At the end of the year, businesses make plans for the coming year. At the beginning of the year, there is a flurry of activity to execute those plans . This year is no different, and measured by dynamics felt in the applicant supply, and the corporate demand for qualified new hires and temporary staffing, it actually feels slightly stronger than past year’s at this time.

For Barton Staffing Solutions, both our staffing side and our direct hire side are experiencing exceptional activity.

The developing concern is that company’s demand for temporary workers and direct hire placement is high; but speed of execution to hire and on-board is has not accelerated at the same rate. Slow and cautious execution persists to the detriment of the enterprise.

Key Indicator

In the first 2 weeks of the year, well qualified candidates have gone through the interview process, sometimes two interviews, and two times, the client has delayed the hiring decision by a few days, only to find that the candidate is placed and has started with another company.

Candidates are ready to work. Ones that are currently employed are feeling safety in the opportunities that exist, and are out there looking. When the right offer or opportunity comes, they are not hesitating. If there are two, or more, they are taking the first one that meets their threshold of expectation to leave their current employer.

This means that well qualified candidates have multiple opportunities again, and the hiring managers or human resources professionals at companies who recognize this are going to accelerate their hiring process to win the best candidates.

No Longer A Buyer’s Market?

We’ve heard in the past few years that it is a “buyer’s market” or that there are so many people looking for work, hiring can take unlimited time to review candidates. The truth is that this is not sustainable, and eventually it will shift. The costs to productivity and forward progress at achieving the “new year’s plan” is at risk, when hiring managers and human resources professionals don’t act fast.

Trust Your Recruiter!

Recruiter’s at Barton Staffing Solutions talk to dozens of clients each month. Some are accelerating their efforts to fill open positions for both temporary workers and direct hires. Others have yet to understand this shift. Recruiters talk to, and screen, dozens of candidates a week, and learn from this interaction how many jobs each applicant and candidate have before them.

Barton Staffing Solutions recruiters have the job to get the best candidates screened and presented in the shortest time. No shortcuts are taken in qualifying workers abilities and fit for the job. This effort is wasted when the hiring manager is slow to respond – and costs both parties. Recruiters have to start over, screen more candidates for the same job, as the hiring company experiences delays in getting the work done.

Move Fast In Any Economy

It makes no difference whether you believe there is a shift in supply and demand of skilled and qualified workers, or not. the fact is that if you have a position to fill, temporary staffing or direct hire, move fast. If the job needs to be filled, don’t hesitate or delay.

Everyone benefits:

  1. Employers get work done, produce product or deliver service. The sooner they do this, the sooner revenue and profits are generated. Delaying stalls economic growth, for the company, and for the economy at large.
  2. Staffing and recruiting companies benefit by optimizing their effort, and can help more companies, or can fill other positions for your company – again, efficiency is economic growth.
  3. Employees benefit by getting back to work, producing, and advancing their careers.

If your company has a need – Contact Barton Staffing Solutions now to help you hire sooner, not later. Respond to your recruiter when they call. Interview candidates as fast as you can, and fill the positions so results can be achieved sooner, not later.