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Lack of a Sense of Urgency Gives Away Staffing Competitive Advantage

The recruiting and staffing industry is based on a partnership between the employer client, the agency and the employee. In the best situations, all parties collaborate together with a sense of urgency to achieve common results. Without a sense of urgency, staffing completive advantage is given away. While common in the staffing process, this is easy to prevent.

Staffing competitive advantage is lost by one simple thing – lack of a sense of urgency.

Delay causes a profound effect on the process. Each aspect has a direct impact on results.

  1. Every highly qualified applicant or candidate that experiences a delay in getting reviewed by your hiring manager has high probability of being hired away by another firm. Or more costly to your business, they may be assigned in another role at a competitor. You lose the very talent you found by delaying the final step in the process.
  2. Your recruiter has to source and find another candidate making the hiring process less profitable for your most-favored and critical business partner. Collaborate and share the same sense of urgency to fill any role your business has approved.
  3. The longer it takes to fill a temporary staffing position, the more likely your own management will consider the need unnecessary. Your own organization may move the temporary staff member to another group, or eliminate it altogether.
  4. Like it or not, your company’s brand is well known as it pertains to how employees are treated. Your recruiter has developed interest in the candidate, they have looked you up online to see what others have said about working at your company. You have an opportunity to leverage word-of-mouth branding by making this a positive staffing and/or hiring experience.
  5. Competitors may find out that an applicant you are not moving on fits their needs, and they can move quickly to engage him or her. They get the staffing competitive advantage only by moving quicker than you.

If you have a requisition for a job, engage with and empower your recruiter to drive results for you immediately. When you are tentative and slow to respond in reviewing candidates that your recruiter has invested time in qualifying for you, you delay business results that only reflect poorly on your own performance, the perceived brand of the company in how it treats employees, and ultimately, business results.

Be sure to line up internal participants and gain their commitment early in the process. Make sure they are available so that you can hold on to the staffing competitive advantage and accelerate results. Get that commitment from human resources, the hiring manager, the financial and operations people involved, and others.

Barton Staffing Solutions is here to help you accelerate immediate and responsive action for hiring and staffing the jobs you have in order to complete the work you need done on time. Contact Barton Staffing Solutions for consultation, today.