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Five Ways To Know You Are Getting The Best Temporary Employees

As you review whether your temporary staffing agency is the right one (yesterday’s blog) for your company, it seems valuable to examine ways to know you are getting the best temporary employees. Measuring your temporary staffing firm’s performance and alignment with your company’s goals and values is easy by looking at the employees that you are receiving.

You already have a clear agreement about training, eligibility to work (E-Verify), drug testing, safety, qualifications, and the basic expectations and qualification criteria that every temporary staffing firm says they deliver, but how do you really know? These Five things should provide the real-world test.

  1. Show up on time. If nothing else, temporary employees show up on time – and 10 minutes early, to prepare for the workday.
  2. Are ready to work. They have everything they need, PPE, proper work clothing, and are prepared. They ask questions about what they need to have for the assignment before they arrive.
  3. Represent their staffing firm like they own it. You can see this characteristic in behavior and attitude. They are proud of the job they have, and that they are paid by the staffing firm that employs them.
  4. Perform their work assignments like they own them. Also evident in behavior and attitude, they are not there just putting in their time, but realize and understand the value of performing quality work.
  5. Ask for more. The best temporary employees ask how they can improve. They take initiative to be part of your organization’s culture and business objectives in anticipation that they will be there tomorrow to do more for you.

The best temporary employees come from the best temporary staffing agency. It’s part of the culture. These firms pay better, and temporary employees like to be part of that kind of agency. As noted in yesterday’s blog, the best employees also cost a little more. Any temporary staffing agency can send over resumes and people, but getting the best people with the experience you need to do the work today, can cost a little more. In the long run, it will produce the best business results.

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