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Why Temporary Employees Need Online Networking Like LinkedIn

LinkedInLogoIt used to be that having your resume on Career Builder, Indeed or Monster, alone was effective enough to be found. today,l that’s not enough. Temporary employees interested in developing their career need online network profiles. Career builder, Monster and Indeed are only a go-to sites for recruiters to find people with a certain past experience. “Experience” is what you have done in the past. Recruiters must explore what you can do in the future.

More and more, staffing agency recruiters are using LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media networking sites to select individuals that meet ever-increasing job requirements. Social networking gives recruiters insight into your behavioral patterns.

At the same time, staffing agencies are becoming more vertical industry-focused. As staffing firms expand beyond general labor into disciplines such as accounting, nursing, clerical, and other skilled disciplines, the requirements for qualifying temporary employees are increasing.

Temporary staffing firms use behavioral interviewing, and prepare for it based on your online networking presence. If you don’t have one, you are less and less likely to be considered for a position.

Without an online profile presence on LinkedIn, you are invisible.

Getting your resume found online has become a science. Getting found for the career interests you have, has become an art. The science is easy. Get your profile up on LinkedIn. The art comes by managing and testing your profile over time. Your profile becomes significantly more attractive to staffing firms when you have endorsements and recommendations from a network of your coworkers and your former employers.

Once you get your profile online, then it’s time to start networking – that is another blog for later. When you apply online for temporary staffing positions, be sure to share your online networking profiles with your recruiter at Barton Staffing Solutions. It is valuable, and it sets you above other applicants.