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As Winter Passes, Here Are 5 Ways to Ignite Hiring

squirrel Cutting through all the numbers, economic indicators, and news sensationalism, Spring is the time to move your firm toward a competitive advantage. Yes, re-ignite hiring in order to achieve 2014 corporate goals. Whether you are bullish on the economy or not, now is the time. Outside of fall hiring to train up and prepare for executing 2014 business plans on January 01, Spring is the time that hiring can have the greatest economic impact for the annual growth of your company.

Seems like a rough winter in the north, drought in the west, snow and weather in the south, have all been good excuses to delay the hiring process. Tuesday’s blog showed how often firms lose candidates by delaying decision making on a good candidate that can perform the job.

If you are an HR manager, internal recruiter, or hiring manager, here are some things to do to re-ignite your hiring, and ultimately your company’s successful achievement of goals for the fiscal year 2014.

  1. Schedule a meeting with your outside recruiting firm. Review the process and ask how you can ensure hiring is accelerated. Outside recruiters have their finger on the pulse of hiring in your industry, and can share great insight that will break the logjam.
  2. Ask your recruiter what you are doing (or need to stop doing) that prevents achieving hiring goals. Have an open mind, your recruiter will let you know if there is a breakdown in the process on your end. If there is, be ready to investigate and improve it. It could be something as simple as availability of the interviewers.
  3. Ask your recruiter how how your firm’s response and interaction compares with other hiring firms that perhaps are getting more attention than you are. Be introspective and self critical. Recruiting and hiring is a competitive activity, and if your firm wants the best people, it takes continual improvement, like anything else.
  4. Review your job descriptions, and be critical. Are you seeking a “purple squirrel” like that described by Peter Capelli at the Wharton Business school? Purple squirrels do not exist. In terms of your job descriptions, make sure your requirements are realistic.
  5. The single most critical step is to really assess internal needs, objectives, and barriers to progress. It seems unlikely that plans made in October 2013 for the 2014 year would be out of date already. However, your company likely does quarterly business reviews and it’s always good to realign organization development with activity.

Plan Your First Quarterly Business Review In March

Finally, after exploring these ideas, sit down with your management team and re-evaluate your hiring plan. Is it still aligned with your corporate goals and objectives. Do this with managers in the room. Let them defend their goals, and relative hiring. And, if they have not moved, ask them what the issues is? Not enough candidates? Not enough time to hire? Make it clear that if hiring is worth doing, time must be allocated for it.

If you are the HR VP or Recruiting Director at your company, make it your job to deliver, lead, and make your company’s objectives possible by putting the right people in the right jobs with speed. That way, if corporate goals and objectives are not achieved, it will not be due to lack of the right people in the organization.

Call Barton Professional Placement Group today and ask us for an appointment to discuss anything from competency models to hiring key personnel. We want to help you make you successful and your company’s 2014 goals happen.