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A Transition Plan: A True Test Of Ethics In Staffing

Barton Staffing Solutions, Ethics, Code of Business ConductLast week we shared some good guidelines for choosing a temp agency. Today, it seems logical to review “Transition Planning.” This manifests as a transition plan, and is a true test of ethics in staffing when considering a new temporary staffing provider.

If you have decided to transition from one staffing agency to another, it may be too late and the consequences to people, relationships and your company’s reputation may be set in stone, and the retreat bridges may be burned.

Why a written plan? Because, that’s what it takes to ensure that your operation is going to maintain production levels, quality, and your own customer’s satisfaction throughout the transition. Your CFO would not manage the fiscal year without a written budget. Your VP of marketing and sales would not go to market with out a written marketing plan. And, your COO would not run the operation without a written process manual.

Why would any company risk a double-digit portion of their operations’ human resource requirements to an untested new staffing firm without a written transition plan.

If you are considering a transition to new staffing agency, don’t burn any bridges just yet. Ask for a written transition plan from the new firm, first.

According to the ASA (American Staffing Association) Code of Ethics, a staffing transition plan for any agency taking over an account should include:

  1. Reasonable notice to the outgoing staffing firm that the account is being transferred to a new company.
  2. Assigned temporary employees of the outgoing firm should be given reasonable notice.
  3. Assigned temporary employees of the outgoing firm should be given a choice of transferring or taking a new assignment staying with the outgoing agency.

What is reasonable notice? Typically, this is 90 days because transitions are just that – transitions. Often, they don’t go smoothly, and following the process outlined by the ASA makes success more likely. A 90 day window enables retreat across bridges that are not yet burned.

90 days is also enough time to ensure the incoming agency can deliver on the promises made by the sales account manager.

Red Flags

  1. The incoming firm doesn’t know what a transition plan is.
  2. The incoming firm says it can happen instantly.
  3. The incoming firm does not want to work with the outgoing firm.
  4. The incoming firm is not a member of the ASA.

Barton Staffing Solutions is a member in good standing of the American Staffing Association. Barton Staffing Solutions abides by the ASA Code of Ethics, posed on their website.

Whenever feasible, we are willing and try to work with any outgoing agency as we transition into being your provider of staffing services. We know that to do anything less is to fail at being your business partner, focused on your organization objectives to drive production, quality, results and ultimately achieve written company goals. Call us today so we can discuss a transition to Barton Staffing Solutions that achieves your company goals.