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Five Advantages Skilled Temporary Staffing Provides Over Day Labor

Barton Staffing Solutions, AdvantageWhen comparing temporary staffing agencies, Be sure you know the difference between day labor and skilled temporary staffing. If you understand the differences, then you’ll value the advantages that skilled temporary staffing provides over day labor.

There is a clear difference when considering temporary staffing for a vertical profession like nursing or software programmers that know Ruby on Rails. But when you need temporary staff that your company will depend on to produce product or deliver a service to your customers while maintaining required quality levels through a formal process, be sure you are partnering with a staffing agency that also knows the difference.

As a client, here are 5 differences which result in advantages. You should know these and can use to evaluate your temporary staffing agency’s understanding.

  1. Comprehensive applicant information. How each applies for work:
    • Day Labor: Applies using a brief paper application, or sign-up sheets on a clipboard. This allows applicants with lower reading and writing skill levels to apply.
    • Skilled Staffing: Applicants are encouraged to fill out a comprehensive application online using a computer. It verifies that they have technical ability and some basic reading and writing skills that will help them make fewer errors in your workplace.
  2. Eligibility to work and Department of Labor regulatory compliance:
    • Day Labor: No E-Verify confirming employees are eligible to work under federal law. Your firm and the temporary agency is in violation.
    • Skilled Staffing: Applicants are E-Verified to ensure eligibility and compliance to match the same levels for your full-time internal employees.
  3. Deep interview process and verification of qualifications:
    • Day Labor: Fog a Mirror (F.A.M.) was the phrase coined by one agency we know. Day labor is assigned based on a minimal level of qualification.
    • Skilled Staffing: A thorough interview process is used to ensure the temporary employee can perform the work, meet quality levels, and follow instructions. In many cases, certifications are checked (machine operation, for example).
  4. Financial audit and payroll systems:
    • Day Labor: There’s an ethical gap and opportunity for fraud when day labor is sent out without documentation and formal payroll process that meets federal and state requirements for taxes, and other standard deductions.
    • Skilled Staffing: Pay is formal, based on approved time tracking systems that meet your company’s audit requirements, often weekly, and closely scrutinized by federal agencies today using computerized methods on the front-end, and back-end during income tax time.
  5. Turnover, training, production and quality interdependency:
    • Day Labor: Even the simplest jobs you have for your temporary staff have some learning curve, and training has a cost. Day labor arriving in the agency van may not send the same people day after day, increasing your costs due to turnover.
    • Skilled Staffing: Turnover is less due to reliability and consistency of the workforce sent to your job-site. Skilled staffing firms invest in long-term relationships with temporary employees and as well as their clients. Skilled staffing see their role as part of their career.

Some questions arise when considering these differences:

  1. If your staffing agency is sending over day labor that signed up on a clipboard and were called that morning to get in a van and arrive on your job site, how much does the staffing agency know about them?
  2. If your staffing agency has not qualified skill levels of applicants, how are they going to use equipment requiring touch-screen or other human-computer interfaces in your operation?
  3. What penalties under the law, and damage to your reputation and brand in the marketplace occurs ineligible employee’s are identified on your site by the Federal Department of Labor?
  4. Without a thorough screening and interview process, what detailed information is overlooked that may increase risk at your facility, from damage to equipment to increased cost for risk insurance?
  5. What safety issues to your facility and other workers around them arise from lack of screening by your temporary agency pose to your safety and accident record?
  6. How will you respond to regulators and your own workers compensation insurance provider if audited for compliance, and your temporary agency’s hiring practices are not the same level that your company applies to internal employees?
  7. Is the cost of turnover, and the secondary costs to production, quality and other business results that customers will experience worth the short-term savings that using day labor may seem to provide?

Barton Staffing Solutions is your partner. It is our goal to be a support system that helps your company deliver on company goals for the year. Our business operations systems cut across your operation and includes process, production and quality objectives. But it doesn’t stop there. Barton Staffing uses E-Verify to ensure we are delivering a compliant workforce that meets Federal compliance regulations alongside those you have for your internal employees and organizational development.

Our focus is to deliver skilled temporary staffing. Day labor agencies are on the decline as costs, regulation, and other factors erode their business model. Barton Staffing Solutions has invested in building an agency that can deliver skilled temporary labor that when assigned, fits with the culture, ethics and values of your company.

Call Barton staffing Solutions Today to see how our focus on saving cost, reducing risk, and other business factors can benefit you through our dependable temporary workforce.