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Don’t Be A Low Performer In Your Next Temporary Staffing Assignment

Performer One way to be a top performer is to know exactly what to do on the job. While it may be challenging for temporary staffing where employees go on assignments and often do something new every other week.

However, temporary staffing has become a greater and greater part of the global workforce, making this career path increasingly viable, and important to examine ways to be a top performer and win the race.

If you have chosen a career in temporary staffing, there are some basics that you should always do, to avoid being a low performer. Following these steps can lead to long-term temporary staffing, as well as other career opportunities.

  1. Learn all you can about your job and things relevant to what you do. Make continuous education a part of your long-term career goals.
  2. Take pride in your work, your employer, and the company where you are assigned. Don’t just complete a task, do a great job. Supervisors will notice. Set an example for others around you.
  3. Pay attention to your communication. Don’t use slang when on the job. Communicate clearly, deliberately and coordinate both your verbal and non-verbal signals to be effective.
  4. Be innovative and share ideas with your supervisor and staffing agency. Look for ways to improve safety, increase productivity and to save money. Safety, innovation and continuous improvement is everyone’s job.
  5. Take constructive criticism. Failure is a learning experience. Don’t make the same mistake twice. Be open to feedback and receive it with a cheerful attitude. Say: “Thank you for the feedback,” and ask, “how can I learn from it.” Do not be defensive.

And, the most important thing is to always be positive. Supervisors at your assignment, and your staffing agency managers, all keep an eye on behavior in the workplace. Keep your behavior positive and professional while achieving objectives and exceeding expectations at your assignment, and you will never be a low performer.

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