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7 Tips To Make Your Temporary Staffing Job Fireproof!

fireproof Following the employee-focused theme from our previous blog, what better than to share a list of tips our best temporary employees follow as they make every assignment or job fireproof.

For new or growing temporary employees, reviewing these tips can help you make your next assignment or temporary staffing job fireproof!

From staffing agency clients, these tips also reflect a common theme concerning temporary employee behavior and attitude. We hear these messages from our best client partners through ongoing collaboration, communication and relationship building. Clients value these characteristics the most about the best temporary employees Barton Staffing Solutions recruits and assigns to their workplace.

They are the very reasons clients value most about Barton Staffing Solutions.

This list is not exhaustive, but it’s a start for temporary employees to use and keep in mind as you start your next assignment.

  1. Be positive. Your new assignment on day one will have a supervisor looking for who is alert, pleasant, and positive. No one wants a negative person on their team.
  2. Be a team player. Everyone knows that the whole team is better than the sum of its parts. To make that work, you have to work as a team, collaborate and communicate.
  3. Become the expert. In your area of assignment, take pride in learning and knowing everything on a certain tool or process. Ask questions, and become the go-to person for others.
  4. Exceed expectations. You will have an assignment, and it will have productivity expectations. Always do more than your supervisor expects, or the base level your job requires.
  5. Learn another role. In your assignment, work toward performing more than one job at the site. that way when production demands change, you will be less likely to be laid off.
  6. Take pride. You may be a temporary employee, but that doesn’t mean you are not part of their team. Take pride and ownership as a worker for the company. Show you love your work.
  7. Share praise. When you are recognized for doing something exceptional, share the praise with the team, your supervisor, and others around you. The more you share praise, the more opportunity will come your way.

These may seem simple and easy, but they are remarkable. We know because our relationship with clients is open and we occasionally receive feedback asking us not to send a temporary employee back the next day because of a negative attitude.

Barton Staffing Solutions is proud of its temporary workforce, and takes behavior and attitude into serious consideration. Our clients have come to expect high levels of quality along with a positive attitude in their temporary workforce from Barton Staffing Solutions.

If you are interested in working for Barton Staffing Solutions, check out our website for open positions.