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Need Help? Just Ask! Exceptional Search Firms Teach Hiring

learn Search firms teach hiring. There is no shame in a hiring manager asking for help, guidance and training.

Failing then learning is good, expected and valuable. Failing after knowingly and unwillingly not asking for guidance that gets you in trouble. This is true across your organization and processes – including human resources, hiring and organizational development.

So many companies have grown up from smaller entities at a pace that forced some individuals into management roles before they were ready. As growth continues, the time to learn good organizational development skills like the required task of interviewing candidates sometimes is not learned.

Managers sometimes need help learning or just doing the required task of interviewing.

As a hiring manager, you look to your human resources manager and see they are busy dealing with benefits administration, the latest employee concern, or any number of other tasks on their plate. What can you do?

If you are the human resources manager, and you see a hiring manager needing help you don’t have time to give, what can you do?

Your human resources manager has built a partnership relationship with a primary search and placement firm. Truly exceptional search and placement firms offer a variety of services on top of identifying, screening, qualifying and submitting candidates. It takes more than just new high-performance employees that will help your company grow and achieve its goals.

Your recruiter gave you candidates to interview, but you are paralyzed…, what should you do?

Ask your human resources manager if your recruiter could help you learn how to interview. Not just the basics, but more specific skills like behavioral interviewing, how to ask sensitive questions, and what questions are off limits. If your human resources manager gives you the go-ahead, call your recruiter, and explain the situation and ask for help.

You may have studied to be an expert in your field, but never learned the art of interviewing and hiring. Your recruiter is there to help. They have the skills to teach you, and can even mentor on-site during real interviews with you. It’s an invaluable service exceptional search and placement firms provide.

Barton Professional Placement Group is available to help you with hiring manager interviewing training. If you want more personalized training than YouTube videos and online webinars, give us a call.