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9 Point Safety Assessment Your Staffing Firm Should Perform – Do They?

checklistIt’s an obvious decision for companies to provide a safe workplace for full time employees on their direct payroll. It is equally important to provide a safe workplace for temporary employees. Often, they work in the same environment.

It’s to your company’s benefit for your staffing firm to perform a safety assessment. If they don’t provide that service, they should.

Barton Staffing Solutions has a full-time safety manager on staff who is involved in our client assessment process. We take great pride in the steps we perform to ensure the safety of our temporary employees at your site.

Our best customers take advantage of this service knowing that it will help them too. In the end, it is part of the ongoing vigilance and continual effort required to keep safety awareness and practices high, and risk costs low for worker compensation insurance.

Some things Barton Staffing Solutions full time safety manager looks for when visiting clients and assessing the workplace are:

  1. Identify visible direct hazards, both big and small that might affect both workers and supervisors.
  2. Look for potential hazards, including unoccupied spaces, idle workstations, the less visible hazards.
  3. Discuss with supervisors the dispatch and maintenance of PPE and other safety equipment.
  4. Examine off-time activities and risk implications including housekeeping, PITs (powered industrial trucks), HAZCOM, …).
  5. Evaluate risk severity while creating and suggesting mitigation measures well beyond policy infraction warnings, but true corrections.
  6. Identify missing employee safety signs, placards and warnings and machine safety operation labels with a focus on preventing injuries and accidents.
  7. Provide a record of findings, suggestions, and change implementation plans, and long-term progress and mitigation results.
  8. Ask about the firms safety committee, when it meets, action and improvements made to date.
  9. Offer quarterly safety reviews, or to participate in existing safety reviews.

Safety management is like quality assurance in manufacturing. Quality cannot be tested in, after the part has been manufactured. Quality management requires that from the beginning, quality is designed in, and managed throughout the process. It is equally the case with Safety. Safety management is about prevention, ensuring safety in the workplace such that injuries and accidents do not happen. Like quality management, safety management increases production and profits.

Barton Staffing Solutions has always positioned itself as a business partner with its clients. Getting labor to the worksite is not enough. Barton Staffing solutions works to help its clients achieve corporate goals that include quality, safety, production, and organizational development objectives.

We’re ready to help you learn more about the difference between Barton Staffing Solutions and lesser day labor agencies. To speak with a Barton Staffing Solutions representative or our safety manager, call us today!