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Did You Know Free Training Is Available To Everyone?

MeasureWant free training? Want to improve? Drive your career in new directions? Learn new skills and be assigned to new jobs? Read this!

Free training is available to everyone. This is going to sound so simple that you will say: “why didn’t I think of that?” I’m not going to make you wait for the answer.

Free training is on YouTube and Wikipedia.

Stop and seriously think about how often you go to the internet today for information. You do it daily from your iPhone, your computer and your tablet.

Nearly every topic has information on the internet in written form on sites like Wikipedia and many have how-to YouTube videos if you prefer to learn in that format.

In only a few short minute, I found these topics.

  1. OSHA Safety Training Videos 2013
  2. Soldering Training by numerous certification organizations
  3. Welding Training by numerous certification organizations
  4. Using a micrometer and entry machine shop measurement

Don’t take this lightly. For some skills, there may be more training necessary. Using YouTube to get an overview can help you choose a skill direction, before investing in formal training, too. Any skill you add to your temporary employee skill set offering will require an investment of time, study, and eventually practice.

Free online training will give you the knowledge to get started. In the world of temporary staffing, many of the jobs involve skills that you must take a competency test to be accepted by the employer. You can find learning webinars and video training content online, for FREE!

Don’t expect to learn a skill online, without a test. To be sure you have learned the lessons, your temporary agency may qualify your skills using ProveIt! testing. They offer libraries of hundreds of certification tests from Soldering and Shop Math to Business Etiquette and Safety in the Workplace.

Learning a new skill on your own, shows initiative.

Being tested that you know the skill, gives you opportunity.

Staffing agency’s and employers like applicants that take initiative and are skill tested.

Taking control of your future means investing your time. To get better assignments, you need more new skills. To continually advance, you need to make a habit of learning, and putting your newly learned skills on your resume. Tell your staffing agency you are tested to do additional types of work.

Barton Staffing Solutions uses ProveIt! skills testing to qualify applicants for assignment at employers that require test-based readiness. Don’t wait, you might miss an opportunity. Take the initiative, look around you, identify the skills that will improve what you offer an employer. Use online resources to learn and work with your staffing agency to test your proficiency.