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Make It Easy To Get Your Next Temporary Job, Apply Online

Application As a job seeker looking for work in temporary staffing, it’s important to make it easy for an agency to get you on a job.

It turns out that easy for your employer, is easy for you too!

When you apply for a job, always take the option to apply online.

You can do this by removing barriers, an not unknowingly creating barriers the staffing agency must overcome. The big one that most do not know is

The obvious barriers temporary staffing applicants can eliminate with little effort are:

  1. Be available and accessible.
  2. Pass screening for all required drug and alcohol tests.
  3. Build skills in highest demand by industries that agencies serve in your target area.
  4. Respond immediately when you are called, sent a text message, or an email, respond immediately.
  5. Learn policies and follow procedures your staffing agency has that make you most attractive to a job assignment.

These are important top-of-mind barriers you as an applicant can avoid and eliminate. However, the most important barrier you can break through is to apply online for your next temporary employment assignment.

Fill your application for employment out online. Don’t use a paper application. Do it from home, where you have access to all the detailed information you need to provide. take your time, and make sure everything is complete, accurate and polished. Spell things correctly. An added value is that in most modern staffing agencies, the data you put into the system is also connected to the systems that generate your paycheck. Take your time.

If you want to be noticed, take time to do well on your application for employment. Most, if not all temporary staffing agencies will have a back-up paper application for employment that you can fill out. Don’t use it.

If you apply using your temporary agency’s paper application, you are asking them to enter your data into the system. If you fill out an employment application online, your data is in the system immediately. It is accurate, and keyword searches will find you for opportunities as soon as they are available and fit your qualifications. If you rely on your agency to enter your application into the system, it may take days, depending on the workload in the office.

Be accurate, get noticed faster, and be matched better to temporary job assignments you want.

Barton Staffing Solutions accepts online applications and prefers the online method over paper. We have a paper application as an alternative method, but based on the reasons above, you will want to go online. It’s easy, and the faster way to get a temporary job assignment. …don’t forget to keep your contact information up to date!

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