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Match Recruiter Service Level To The Job – Part 1: Position Criteria

checklist2 We’ve developed this blog series on matching expectations for recruiter service levels to the job.

By sharing this series, we hope everyone benefits for expectations help drive recruiter engagement and collaboration with their client human resources and hiring managers.

Today’s blog is about recruiter service level criteria.

Hiring managers and human resources professionals should know recruitment service levels vary. They should know and champion this balance within their employer. This is part 1 of a multi-part blog series.

Part 1: Position Criteria

Service levels vary based on client requirements across the process of needs-discovery, source, screen, qualify, submit, feedback and refine, candidate preparation and follow-up process. Senior managers also know that fees vary relative to service level.

Hiring managers and especially human resources managers are keenly aware that depth and scope of each of these steps can, and should vary. It can vary for the wrong reason based on recruiter skill level. Human resources professionals know position level criteria should vary based on three key factors:

  1. Position type. Is the position an individual contributor, or a supervisor, manager or executive?
  2. Performance level. Is the position responsible and accountable for a team or a P&L for a line of business?
  3. Salary grade. Is the position compensated relative to the local market for similar positions at similar companies?

Most organizations have clearly defined these factors and trained management on how they create exceptional, balanced organizations.

Your recruiter should be aligned with this organizational balance.

Be proactive and work with your recruiter. The best relationships between recruiters and their client partners are built on a foundation of collaboration. Investment of each other’s time as partners ensures exceptional outcomes. It’s very common for Barton Professional Placement Group to invite our clients to come in for an hour and sit in on our screening calls, and see precisely the level of rigor we put into finding the right candidates for them.

Collaboration always drives improved results.

The recruiters at Barton Professional Placement Group are always interested in sharing these key points of differentiation with prospective clients. We understand your needs are unique. We have the ability to identify the best way to move forward and accelerate results. Call us today to learn more about the process recruiters should be using for positions you have open.