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Match Recruiter Service Level To The Job – Part 2: Recruiting Process

process In our last blog, we queued this topic to drive recruiter engagement with client hiring managers and recruiting partners. Hiring managers and human resources professionals should know recruiter service levels vary. Today’s blog is about recruiter service level process. This is part of a multi-part blog series.

Part 2: Recruiting Process

We now understand how service levels are a function of the job, it’s type, grade and salary level. Human resources professionals should know and champion this balance within their employer. How then does recruiting process affect expectations?

Recruiter service levels are a function of the quality and rigor in your recruiter’s process. Most recruiters know and use a process framework. Recruiters you want to work with use technology to support their unique process framework.

The ability of recruiters who do not know of, or use, technology to support your organizational development needs are rapidly falling behind. Ask about technology your recruiter licenses and uses. Many large employers also ask to see proof of license in order to maintain VMS (vendor management system) compliance requirements.

Use of technology, and license compliance is is an indication of alignment of recruiter’s innovation, values and ethics with the innovation initiatives, values and ethics of your firm.

Good recruiters use a needs-discovery step to ensure they understand the job, and the cultural fit. They understand the progressive steps of sourcing, screening, and qualifying, candidates for submittal.

They know that getting feedback and refining the search is part of working together with their client to achieve exceptional outcomes. If your recruiter skips a step or fails to follow-up, that could be a red flag.

If your recruiter tells you “our one size process fits all,” run away!

Be proactive and work with your recruiter. The best relationships between recruiters and their client partners are built on a foundation of collaboration. Investment of each other’s time as partners ensures exceptional outcomes. It’s very common for Barton Professional Placement Group to invite our clients to come in for an hour and sit in on our screening calls, and see precisely the level of rigor we put into finding the right candidates for them.

Collaboration and process alignment always drives improved results.

The recruiters at Barton Professional Placement Group are always interested in sharing these key points of differentiation with prospective clients. We understand your needs are unique. We have the ability to identify the best way to move forward and accelerate results. Call us today to learn more about the process recruiters should be using for positions you have open.