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Always Submit Truthful Job Applications – The Consequences Are Harsh

crossed-fingers A staffing company calls you. They have found your resume on one of the local job boards and you fit a job they have to fill ASAP. It’s your dream job, and may turn into the kind of long-term temporary assignment that gives your life stability. Always submit truthful job applications, or the consequences are harsh.

The call with the recruiter goes well, you are excited about the assignment and it looks like you will land it since they are already asking you questions like:

“Is there anything that would prevent you from accepting this assignment tomorrow, if it were offered to you?”

That’s when your confidence in landing the position goes up a notch.

It also becomes clear that this assignment is yours to lose. That next thought make you think of all the things that you need to ensure don’t get in the way of your landing the assignment.

Then the recruiter says to you that you will have to follow the employer’s human resources policies and rules making your employment contingent on the results and outcome of conditions of employment. Your not worried about the drug screen, of course.

Then the recruiter tells you that you must fill out the employer’s standard application, and undergo a background check. Right then, you realize that you had that one criminal offense, 12 years ago, and wonder if it will show up. You ask yourself if you should leave it off your formal application? Don’t entertain that thought for a minute.

Fill out the employer’s application completely and truthfully.

The background check will uncover everything you fail to disclose. In today’s data-centric world, information about you is incredibly available. All newspapers, police records, and records of convictions are public, online, and searchable.

If you had a DUI 12 years ago, or any criminal record beyond traffic citations, include it on your application.

Let me say that again, include everything on your application. If you don’t, it will show up on your background check, the employer may do. Do not be tempted to try to hide something, hoping it will not show up.

Here’s Why

You have a good chance of getting hired for your skills if you are truthful on your application about your past.

You have no chance of getting hired if an employer finds out you lied on your application.

Your background check will uncover everything including a criminal record. If you don’t disclose it, they will not hire you.

In their eyes, you lied on your application, which means their next question will be “If this applicant lied on his application, what else has he lied about.” You will be labeled “dishonest” and no hiring company will hire a dishonest applicant.

Take this seriously. Barton Staffing Solutions and Barton Professional Placement Group encounter this situation all the time. It is sad and disheartening to have to call the applicant and let them know why they did not get hired. It is a completely avoidable reason. Never lie on an application.