Human Resources Managers Are Heroes When Driving Business Results

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SuperHero The best mindset of any manager is to identify opportunities to have an effect on the ability of organizations they manage to drive business results.

The connection between organizational functions and business results is easy to see for operations, product line, marketing, sales and other familiar functional managers.

When it come to human resources managers, the same is true, but perhaps a little less visible.

Human resources managers can uniquely drive business results by innovating creative ways to cost-effectively build the organization. Having an effective workforce in place when the rest of the organization has needs accelerates achieving corporate goals.

Consider these basic steps to drive toward assuring human resources managers are driving business results:

  1. Learn the business vision.
  2. Commit to the long-term annual goals of the CEO.
  3. Examine how short term monthly and quarterly goals move toward the annuals goals.
  4. Identify specific activities that drive results to achieve short and long –term goals.

When Barton Staffing Solutions account managers meet with prospective clients, we ask about these four things. Our objective is to provide service that has an impact on client’s businesses through temporary staffing and direct hire activities.

Get the business vision from your CEO or vice president. The business vision is the same for everyone, external (customers and partners) and internal employees, supervisors and managers. Your company’s business vision is something that projects a view of the future for your company – the target it is trying to achieve with the mission it is under.

Each year, your company’s leadership team develops long-term annual goals that all managers and supervisors should align their individual goals to achieve. Rolling these up achieves the corporate goals.

Everyone must know the corporate goals to stay anchored. Human resources managers are key to communicating goals, along with their partners in marketing and line managers.

Every company has milestone-based measures which measure progress toward achieving corporate business results. Some companies call them Quarterly Business Reviews, others do them monthly. Teams usually assess progress weekly.

Which brings us to number 4. Human resources managers can have an incredible impact on a company’s results if they identify and prioritize specific activities that enable and accelerate business results. These can come in two forms: first doing what functional leaders require of them, and second innovating in ways to do more, with less. Human resources managers are uniquely positioned to help the company exceed expectations for both internal and external stakeholders.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Be a catalyst for building the workforce.
  2. Make sure the company’s goals are reflected in every individual’s performance goals.
  3. Consider Temporary Staffing for many roles that would otherwise be full time roles.
  4. Train managers on performance-based applicant qualification.
  5. Replace experience-based screening with performance-based screening to access talent such as those returning from military service, or changing careers.
  6. Work with your staffing firm to collaborate on new ways to improve the workforce – this is a huge resource.

In many companies, human resources departments are considered a support function focused on benefits programs and performance management of problems and issues in support of managers and supervisors.  These are important functions, but problems and challenges are tiring and can be minimized if the proactive emphasis is on business results as the primary focus of human resources managers.

By working with managers and finance to find cost effective ways to accelerate results, human resources managers become heroes to the organization.

The biggest hurdle many human resources managers have to overcome is not to internalize the perception that by involving a staffing company or recruiter to accelerate results is a sign of failure on their part. It isn’t. Focus on the result. Your company needs to get things done to achieve results and goals. As you might expect, in staffing and recruiting circles the discussion about human resources managers is common, and polarized between those heroes that leverage the collaborative support of staffing and recruiting, and those that are less inclined to do so.

Barton Staffing Solutions, along with its division, Barton Professional Placement Group are available to discuss ways your human resources managers can shift the perspective from being a support team to a group known for being business-driving result catalysts.  Call one of our staffing specialists or account managers to set up a meeting today.

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