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3 Ways Temporary Staffing Can Be Your New Career Direction

Ponder The news on talk radio the other day shared a story that temporary staffing is a sector growing at a greater rate than any other sector in the job market.

Presently in the US, the sector employs close to 3 million temporary workers in a diverse range of industries from manufacturing to healthcare.

In a recent press release from the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) the numbers for temporary services are clearly one of the leading growth industries. The reasons are clear. Employers need more flexibility to develop business during dynamic and sometimes volatile economic times.

Employers leverage temporary staffing as a tool to maximize business stability when dynamically expanding or shrinking a company’s workforce in response to economic factors and business demands.

Another good read and summary of the recent news on this new trend, and top jobs can be found on Staffing Talk. Their post Top Occupations for Temporary Employment Growth.

How do you take this growth and turn it into a career? There are three ways.

  1. Make temporary staffing a career choice. The excitement and learning that happens when working for multiple employers over the course of the year is appealing to many in the job market. And, by working for a temporary staffing agency, you have a consistent employer, so you don’t look like the proverbial “job hopper” on your resume. This is a great way to learn new things and avoid the grind of a single job choice. Many temporary agencies, including Barton Staffing Solutions, offer incentives and paid holiday time off, for long-term temporary staff team members that stay with the company and perform well for clients.
  2. Use temporary staffing to transition to a new industry. Often, it’s hard to make a shift from one industry to another. Employers are looking for a certain track record or work history that shows you can do the job they have to offer. By taking a temporary job with a staffing agency in an industry you want to get into, you can gain that experience, and grow into a new industry. Be prepared to stick to it for a couple of years. Most employers will want to see 18 to 20 months in a key role as a good threshold of experience.
  3. Take a temporary job to get a foot in the door. This option is a bit tricky. No employer wants to know this is your ultimate goal, as it goes against their initial basis for outsourcing the temporary job you might consider to access a new company. So, if this is your approach, stick to this simple plan to ultimately get recognized:
    • Work your plan. Keep your plan in stealth mode. It gives you maximum flexibility to move around in temporary staffing, and try new things. You may like temporary staffing so much you change your plan.
    • Do excellent work. Every day on the job, perform your assignments with a focus on excellence.
    • Be safety minded. Follow all safety rules on the job at your assignment.
    • Follow all rules, regulations and policies. If they have them for employees, they apply for you as a temporary staff team member.
    • Exceed expectations. Work to perform as if you were a full-time employee in terms of production and quality.

You can sum up this approach to making temporary staffing a new career direction by the simple phrase:

Make work and performance for your employer a priority, and you’ll get recognized.

Barton Staffing Solutions approach for its clients is to screen, hire, train and employ the best temporary staffing employees for its clients. If you want to be on the winning team, and are committed to temporary staffing as a career, we want you to apply now. Temporary staffing is a great career path with many options to make it a new career direction for you. Stop by our website and search open jobs today.