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Match Recruiter Service Level To The Job – Part 5: Remote Recruiting

remote In our last blog, we queued this topic to drive client-to-recruiter engagement between human resources managers and hiring managers at clients and their external recruiting partners and search firms.

Today’s blog is about the ultimate extension of the talent pool net that your recruiter can cast for you. This blog is about remote recruiting and how that increases your firm’s ability to build an effective organization. To maximize this approach’s potential, it takes collaboration and well-set expectations between your company, the hiring managers and your recruiter.

We hope you have enjoyed this series, and if you missed the first four blogs, take the opportunity to read them now.

Part 5: Remote Recruiting

It is clear that recruiting is changing, driven by technology and social media. Hiring managers and human resources professionals should know and champion this concept within their employer. They should evangelize the benefits their organizational development objectives.

The truth is that more and more recruiting is done remotely. Recruiters are pulling candidates from a wider regional area. This is good for successful development of your organization.

Face to face in-person screening interviews for senior positions is reasonable.

Senior level positions that are hard to find based on narrow qualifications may have to look as far away as another state, or even another country to find the candidate that fits. At best, Skype interviewing supplants face-to-face.

The expectation that requires a balance in an employer’s firm is at what level and recruitment fee to expect face-to-face interviewing over remote recruiting methods.

Expecting candidates for senior positions with relative pay and grade levels to meet face-to-face is reasonable, but not always possible. Asking an applicant from our example in our last blog, a $14/hour maintenance technician, to undergo a two hour Skype interview, is not reasonable both in terms of time, and technology.

Face to face in-person screening interviews for $14/hour positions are unreasonable.

Be proactive and work with your recruiter. The best relationships between recruiters and their client partners are built on a foundation of collaboration and understanding of what is reasonable to expect from both the recruiter and of candidates. Investment of each other’s time as partners ensures exceptional outcomes.

It’s very common for Barton Professional Placement Group to invite our clients to come in for an hour and sit in on our screening calls, and see precisely the level of rigor we put into finding the right candidates for them.

Collaboration always drives improved results.

Just like many jobs now operate under telecommuting policies, remote recruiting is an extension of that methodology. Reaching to other locations beyond the typical candidate sourcing net improves your firm’s chances of building a strong organization with your recruiter.

The recruiters at Barton Professional Placement Group are always interested in sharing these key points of differentiation with prospective clients. We understand your needs are unique. We have the ability to identify the best way to move forward and accelerate results. Call us today to learn more about the process recruiters should be using for positions you have open.