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5 Reasons Temporary Staffing Disciplinary Policies Make Sense

Expectation Most temporary employees will never need to know that a disciplinary process exists. However, They are a necessary policy in today’s workplace.

More and more, clients are asking to see them as a decision making criteria before selecting a staffing firm.

Temporary staffing disciplinary policies make sense. To be clear, good disciplinary policies are a communication tool to develop exemplary behavior in employees. While they may have consequences, they are primarily not a punishment.

When used effectively, they are a communication tool. They help managers set consistent expectations when a workplace situation requires it.

To be sure, discipline, sounds like a bad thing. In reality, and if used properly in most workplaces, it is an effective communication tool to enable employees and managers to ensure the best results, output and team development for the organization.

Most know that taking initiative, demonstrating a positive attitude and exhibiting exceptional behavior at work is what get’s them noticed by their supervisor.

Exemplary temporary employees are recognized, and employed by a quality staffing firm, generally find they receive the better assignments.

Here are a few reasons that you can leverage as a temporary employee to accelerate your career.

  1. Regulation. In our business environment, there are government regulations that require certain accommodation to ensure the best interests of everyone in the workplace. From OSHA to business ethics,
  2. Safety. The risk of harm to people, product, or machines, involves safety. Whenever someone exhibits behavior that risks the safety of others, or the assets of the company, using a discipline policy is often the clearest way to correct and measure improvement.
  3. Policy. Like it or not, the workplace and business climate we work in requires policies. Policies are the guidelines for workplace expectations from required behavior including attendance and safety and getting paid, to disallowed behavior such as violence or harassment.
  4. Feedback. No better tool for coaching employees exists than a well developed disciplinary policy. The feedback loop enables expectations to be set, timing for improvement, and a written framework for that manager to temporary employee communication.
  5. Alignment. Often, clients look for staffing firms that have disciplinary (and other) policies that parallel with their own. They know that temporary staffing firms that operate and have a corporate culture like their own, are going to have temporary employees that fit well with their full time employees – resulting in better workplace dynamics.

I have no doubt that there are other reasons that demonstrate the need for a good disciplinary policy and process for communicating it, and executing the process in staffing. These are some basics that you can expect from your staffing firm.

Barton Staffing Solutions has developed its progressive policy and process as a flexible but firm framework to support its client’s needs. Large clients rely on us to fit within their structure for ensuring exemplary behavior and productivity in their workforces. Small companies rely on us to ensure issues are dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Call us today to learn more about how Barton Staffing Solutions is setting a new high-bar for effective temporary staffing in your company. Our client managers have more to share – just let us know you are ready for better staffing.