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Survey Identifies Reasons Companies Benefit From Staffing Agencies

Benefits Earlier this month, the Illinois Search and Staffing Association held their annual Midwest Conference in Chicago.

Richard Wahlquist, CEO of the American Staffing Association, shared insights into the staffing industry including survey statistics from Inavero about reasons companies benefit from staffing agencies.

Are you sitting on the fence considering a decision to partner with a staffing firm?

Are you looking for creative ways to expand resources to achieve internal goals or bridge a skills gap.

The Inavero data presented by Richard tells the story of the top 5 benefits that may help you find the answer to these questions.

Of the surveyed parties, the top ranked benefits of working with a staffing firm were:

  1. Ability to easily change the size of workforce based on project load.
  2. Can fill open positions faster than we can internally.
  3. Ability to attain hard to hire, but specialized skills.
  4. Access to a larger candidate pool.
  5. The ability to “try before hiring.”

Adding the second and third ranked benefits rearranges these benefits, but keeps the same 5. Clearly, as Richard Wahlquist stated, the top perceived benefits by employers for working with a staffing firm can be summarized as “flexibility, speed and access to talent.”

These may be the same challenges your firm is wrestling with as the economy recovers to reveal a new future. Barton Staffing Solutions has been serving this need since 1998.

The American Staffing Association continues to monitor the demands of industry for temporary staffing, and demand is on the increase as the changing economy and evolving workforce of the future develops.

Barton Staffing Solutions is ready to help clients and temporary workers be part of this future. Jobs are posted for applicants that want to get into this growing industry. Clients can call our experienced staffing team and account managers to learn more about how staffing can meet a company’s needs for speedy growth, expansion through accessing talent, and flexibility to respond to changing market opportunities. Call us today.