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Tell Your Staffing Recruiter About Your Summer Vacation

vacation Seriously, tell your staffing recruiter about your summer vacation – BEFORE you take it.

About this time of year, people are looking for ways to get a little more time with family, go to a barbecue, spend time at the lake, or even take a trip to see the sites.

As a temporary employee, take the time to notify your agency ahead of time so they can plan for your absence. Most staffing agencies have procedures and policies that outline the notice required – ask if you don’t know.

It may seem easier or simple to just not show up for work. Then when you get back, go to another assignment, but that doesn’t give your employer (the staffing agency) and their client, the courtesy to enable them to plan around your absence. This is not a good idea.

When you just don’t show up, three bad things happen.

  1. The client you are assigned to incurs a delay in getting work done.
  2. The staffing agency has to scramble to replace you.
  3. Your reputation as an employee is damaged.

Going on vacation without notifying your staffing agency is the same as being sick, and not calling off work with your employer. It will appear to your employer as though you voluntarily have quit your job. That can have an effect on your likelihood of getting more assignments.

Time off to relax, recharge your batteries and spend time with family is important. Maintaining your personal reputation for integrity and responsibility at work is equally important.

Your reputation is going to define the next opportunity, and compensation you will achieve. Your dedication to your work will drive the path you take for training and learning new skills that increase your potential.

Ignoring the importance of your reputation at work is a big mistake.

Barton Staffing Solutions is a partner to its clients, and emphasizes with its employees the importance of responsibility. Barton Staffing Solutions clients have come to rely on this level of service.

If you are an employee that takes responsibility seriously, and are interested in an assignment that can expand your personal reputation, Barton Staffing Solutions would like to hear from you. Come in or search our jobs online, today.