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5 Reasons Why Temporary Employees Quit Right After They Start

Quit There are many personal reasons why temporary employees quit a job right after they start on your assignment.

However, as the host employer, there may be reasons under your your control that you can adjust in your on-boarding process or other factors.

Here is the short list from our observations.

  1. Pay. Believe it or not, pay is one of the top reasons temporary employees quit. Consider that if you’re hiring temporary workers at lower-than-market wages, it only takes one opportunity at a higher at-market wage for performing the same work, to motivate that employee to leave your assignment for a better one. Always make sure your pay rates are at market rates for the work. Your staffing company should be able to advise you in this area.
  2. Work environment. This is a big one spanning everything from lack of training or supervision, or even abusive supervisors to the temperature of the workplace (too hot or cold without proper PPE). If temporary employees are treated as substandard employees, they will find a better place to work. The best host employers know that providing a comfortable work environment, training, and supervising temporary employees like they do their full time employees – all helps meet company objectives for both production and quality at lower costs overall.
  3. Safety. Temporary employees are wise. They know when they are at personal risk, and if the host employer’s workplace is an unsafe environment, they will find less riskier work with another company – perhaps they will leave to go to your competitor taking your training investment out the door. Be sure to work with a temporary agency that has a full time safety manager to pre-inspect the workplace, and collaborate with you to provide the safest workplace conducive to achieving results with a focus on lowering turnover.
  4. Transportation. Many temporary workers use public transportation to get to work. Be sure your temporary agency is able to coordinate temporary employees that are in proximity of the workplace. Transportation issues not well thought out by your temporary agency can increase absenteeism, and ultimately drive turnover you don’t want.
  5. Integrity and loyalty. Temporary employees must be screened by your temporary agency just like you would screen if you were hiring a full time employee. Great temporary staffing agencies don’t just send over warm bodies, they ensure that the the right skill set, expected workplace behavior and work ethic exists in the assigned employees. You can tell when an agency is not concerned with your turnover. Look for an agency that collaborates and aligns with your corporate goals.

There are other reasons why temporary employees quit, like the obvious mismatch of skills, or fit for the culture and work environment, for sure. But these 5 are definitely things you can control, both by internal change at your workplace, and by working with a best in class temporary agency like Barton Staffing Solutions.

Barton Staffing Solutions focuses on lowering turnover for its clients. It can be challenging at times. Overall, working with clients to balance pay, a healthy and safe work environment, and by providing local employees with integrity and work ethic is our goal. Call us today if these issues exist with your current temporary agency, and you are ready for the Barton difference.