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2 Secrets To Find Temporary Jobs (Psst! Texting and Twitter)

Twitter_Jobs Ever wonder how your friends always have temporary work one Barton Staffing Solutions assignment after another with no down time between them? They seem to be “experts” and always find temporary jobs one after another. Here’s their two secrets.

First: They keep up-to-date cell phone contact information with Barton Staffing Solutions.

Second: They follow @BartonStaffing on Twitter.

Notwithstanding the primary reason Barton Staffing Solutions is the best temporary agency in the area to be working for, there are several other reasons Barton Staffing Solutions temporary employees stay on the job.

One of those reasons is the use of text messaging and Twitter as real-time communication tools linking available jobs and assignments to available, qualified and interested applicants who want to work now!

Jobs By Text Messaging

Barton Staffing Solutions employees are asked to keep their cell phone numbers up to date with Barton Staffing Solutions.

When a new job is available, our recruiters sort on our list of available temporary employees who are qualified for the new assignment. If you fit the need, we send to you a TEXT message to contact us immediately right to your phone (that is, if you are a Barton Staffing Solutions temporary employee).

That means you get notified of opportunities in real time. And if you reply that you are interested you are considered for the assignment. Temporary employees are considered for new assignments on a first-to-reply-first-considered basis.

Jobs By Twitter

Do you use Twitter? Are you following @BartonStaffing ? If not, follow @BartonStaffing now! Do it from your smartphone so you don’t forget.

Twitter_Advanced_Search When Barton Staffing Solutions gets a new assignment, we post it on Twitter using a number of social media tools. Twitter allows you to search for positions that match your interests and skills. All the messages on Twitter are searchable, and you can use advanced search techniques to narrow your search down in a number of ways.

On your computer, in your internet browser, type the URL location: https://twitter.com/search-advanced It will bring up the following screen at the right which gives you a variety of methods to search for posts. Since you are looking for jobs, consider the following keywords hashtags #BartonStaffing, #Jobs, and also use keywords like #Logitics #LogisticsJobs, and so on. Try it out and you’ll see how it works and develop your own patterns and keywords.

You can even save searches for re-use. Savvy temporary employees know this, and have the edge over those that don’t.

Using Twitter’s other tool on your computer’s browser www.TweetDeck.com, you will find even more search interfaces that you may find easier to use for finding Barton Staffing Solutions Jobs and even Barton Professional Placement jobs.

Are You Ready To Get On Board?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you with another temporary agency?
  2. Do you find you have too many gaps with no income between assignments?
  3. Do you want real-time notice of open jobs that fit your qualifications?
  4. Do you want to find jobs in real time that fit your career direction?

Then you need to come in to any of our 4 locations. Or, go online at www.BartonStaffing.com and apply for a temporary assignment at Barton Staffing Solutions today.

Tell us your mobile number so you can receive texts, and check the boxes indicating you want to hear from us about jobs.

Be sure to “follow” Barton Staffing Solutions on Facebook, and especially Twitter. Do this at home (not while driving).

Then, use Twitter to search using the hashtags #BartonStaffing and #Jobs and keywords with your skills and interests. You’ll be surprised.