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FASTWe’ve shared this point on this blog recently, but since that time, hiring is still picking up. The sense of urgency required continues to increase as the economy continues to recover.

Urgency ensures you land the best candidates.

Clearly, the opportunities for the best candidates are increasing. The risk of losing your chosen candidate increases the longer you wait.

The obvious reason to move fast when hiring once a job requisition is approved is to get the work done that contributes to your company’s corporate goals and ultimately achieves results (financial, competitive, or other) for you, your team, and your company.

A manager’s bonus depends on a his ability to build his team and keep it at capacity so it contributes at capacity – on time, and at (or under) budget.

Delays in hiring puts your productivity and financial objectives at risk.

Due diligence in reviewing and qualifying candidates continues to be necessary using a repeatable and measurable process. However, if your process doesn’t have deadlines for making a decision and hiring many times the search can go on forever, looking for a candidate that doesn’t exist.

You an always find a reason not to hire a candidate. The objective is to find a candidate that can perform the work, and help you achieve the results you have to deliver.

You are hiring to complete work. Your objective is not to find a perfect match to a job description. We know that jobs (and the competency-based job descriptions) evolve over time anyway. You want to hire aptitude for today’s needs in candidates that can adapt to future job requirements.

When you have to achieve results, hire with a DIRN (do it right now) approach.

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