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Recruiter vs. Workforce Management Solutions Partner

Climbers 3a If you are a CEO or senior leader, do you consider your search and staffing firm to be (1) just a recruiter of labor? Or, do you rely on your search and staffing firm as (2) a true strategic workforce management solutions partner?

Ponder those two questions for a moment.

Strategic partners are deeply engaged by their clients and understand your vision and mission because you integrated them as a pivotal part of your climbing team. This way, your team is committed to achieving your corporate (and personal) goals.

Partner Commitment

Climbers on a quest for the summit make a good example of integrated partner commitment. No one climber (partner) is at arms length, or out of the loop on the vision, mission and strategy to achieve the goal.

The climbers are intimately and quite literally tethered (tied) together. While spread out, success occurs as a group. If one falls, others brace to catch their partner when the tether reaches its length. Well before the climb, and all during the climb, they communicate, understand, interact, and fully adopt techniques required to reach the summit. They become instinctively committed to the success of the group. Being tentative, is not an option.

Rely On A True Partner

If you said “yes” to the second description, (2) in the first paragraph, ask yourself and other trusted right-hands a few questions to test the depth and breadth of commitment. This is how leaders measure the ongoing potential success for their vision.

  • Have you communicated this vision and commitment to your leadership and management teams?
  • Do they understand it? (Can they convincingly repeat it back to you?)
  • Have they adopted your vision for organizational development?
  • Is your commitment to rely on a partner as a requisite for organizational success, evident?
  • Is it widely evident and deep in the organization?
  • Have you given incentive to people to ensure success?
  • Is that motivation available to all leaders, managers, supervisors, and yes, individual contributors?
  • (Your own commitment assessment and tuning questions for driving success, here.)

As a leader, you know it’s easy to discern true commitment from false glad handing and feigned enthusiasm. And, as a leader, you know what you must do if your vision and a critical partnership is undermined internally in your organization.

Litmus Test

Are you consciously aware of commitment in the ranks? Are you watching for hidden or subtle undermining and foot dragging? Have you felt the effects of resistance? Did you act when you encountered it? Or, do you look the other way?

Risk Peril

If you said “yes” to the first description, (1) in the first paragraph at the top, ask yourself two questions:

  • Can you win in your market against competitors that do engage their search and staffing as a true strategic partner?
  • Can you afford not to form this organizational cornerstone for success in today’s economy and business environment?

Successful Leaders

Unanimously, successful industry leaders know the vision and mission they set for the company will fail if people are not a primary focus. Like tethered climbers committed to achieve a summit, everyone is a partner in success.

The best search and staffing partners know this level of commitment as well. It shows in their commitment to their client’s success. They are a great resource to practice this skill – but you must bring them into your inner circle. Ask them for guidance. Engage them as a partner.

The committed experts at Barton Staffing Solutions with their Professional Placement Division are here to be your true workforce management solutions partner. Call us today to learn more.