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Outsourced to IndiaOutsourced to India? Not here. What kind of staffing company do you want building your team? Our people are our greatest asset and they are here to stay.

It’s hard to understand how being on opposite sides of the planet promotes working together toward your most critical business goals.

Earlier this year, the Milwaukee Business Journal reported in an Exclusive: Manpower Group HQ workers being laid off required to train overseas replacements article of layoffs at their Milwaukee Headquarters. The report goes on to say: “People losing their jobs […] are required to train their replacements” and, “The jobs will be outsourced to India, sources say.”

Since then, the Milwaukee Business Journal reported they have sold their building. Manpower HQ building sells for 66.5M.

Do you want local? Do you want high-touch? Are you looking for the organization that visits your facility and understands your business? Do you want recruiters that know your managers face-to-face and have intimate understanding of the culture of your organization, and what you are achieving day to day? Nothing at Barton Staffing Solutions is outsourced to India. Not our recruiting, not our sourcing, not our customer service, nothing. It’s all right here.

We are the staffing firm to meet your needs because we experience your needs.

Barton Staffing Solutions isn’t going anywhere. We’re here with local service, deep understanding of your business with high-touch and regular visits to your facility. We understand your business. We understand what it takes to ensure success, safety, and to ensure your organization produces results. Many of our employees have been with us for years.

We are not outsourcing our services – we are growing – locally – to meet your needs.

We are not outsourced to India. We’re right here in your backyard for the long haul. Call us today. Visit the Barton Staffing Solutions website to see what we’re all about.