In Staffing 19 Years Celebrating A Milestone of Service

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Staffing 19 Years In the business of staffing 19 years, July marks a milestone for Barton Staffing Solutions serving the greater Chicago area with employment services that clients and employees need. Barton Staffing Solutions has effectively served strategic requirements of successful small local, mid-sized local, mid-sized national and large national operations – staffing 19 years without interruption.

Founders George Barton and his brother Bill Barton put the gears in motion starting this business in staffing 19 years ago. We know our celebration is a credit to our Clients and our Employees in staffing 19 years to make this achievement possible.

For Our Clients

In staffing 19 years, we always take the sometimes more challenging high road. We work with our clients to truly understand their needs. For Barton Staffing Solutions, it’s not about the “mark-up” it’s about achieving client’s goals and objectives.  Our best clients experience this daily.

We’re not afraid to suggest ways staffing can improve or accelerate strategies already in play – and our best clients like that in a long-time (19 years now) trusted partner. How do they know? Well, from time to time we know clients must look outside, test the market so to speak. They always come back to Barton Staffing Solutions.

Our reputation is to set the staffing standard that all others must meet.

We formally train our internal core staff to use a unique and repeatable process for delivering on our commitment to clients.  No matter the driver, our clients have relied on continual improvement strategy and plans aligned with their own to benefit from what we do best:

  1. Ability to find qualified skilled people for their workforce,
  2. Visibility and management involvement with every client,
  3. Compliance with employee eligibility (E-Verify),
  4. Local recruiting of local talent for local jobs,
  5. Safety programs in place to significantly reduce risk, or
  6. Partner-extension of clients leadership and management.

There are other important factors, of course.  We’ve found that our best and most successful clients build their labor strategy on this foundation of unique staffing value only Barton Staffing Solutions provides.

For Our Employees

In staffing 19 years, employees have found Barton to be a fair and safe employer, placing them in appropriate work for their skill and experience whether they are in transition, or look at Staffing as a permanent career – many do.

Our reputation is to employ temporary employees with a permanent attitude.

Employees rely on Barton Staffing Solutions commitment to them to:

  1. Explain the type of work they will be doing,
  2. Confirm their hourly pay rate,
  3. Indicate the location, hours and length of assignment,
  4. Verify they have the required clothing and equipment (PPE) they need,
  5. Direct them on check-in procedures and who to report to for a smooth first day  at work, and
  6. Consistent, accurate and reliable payroll to meet their needs.

Exceptional employees have an exceptional experience as part of the Barton Staffing Solutions family.  We make it easy and convenient – but thorough. Our application is online, and there are kiosks in every office for completing a job application.  We match skills and experience with available work.  We work hard to ensure that life events are possible without taking risks at work.  Many of our employees have been with us for years.

Celebrating Staffing 19 Years

We’re celebrating all month long and hope you will celebrate with us.  We have a number of programs running this month that you might benefit from.  Give any one of our offices a call today to learn more how we can help you with the kind of service that build a lasting staffing company.

Clients stay with Barton Staffing Solutions 5, 10, 15, and some for all 19, years.

We would value the opportunity to meet with you and add you to our list of valued clients.  Call today to learn more about our celebration and the services we provide that got us here.

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