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Candidate Experience and Successful Hiring

Candidate experience and successful hiring has been a topic of discussion lately. How do they connect? How can you connect them in your own hiring?

Begin successful hiring with a good candidate experience. Start the moment anyone in the process approaches the candidate. This is true for passive and active candidates. And it’s true for professional recruiters, internal corporate recruiters, or hiring managers doing their own recruiting directly.

The person approaching candidates for consideration must understand your company. They must know what your company does, it’s position in the market place. These factors make up points of value to gain the interest of a candidate. This is, or should be, a positive experience and in that way, candidates can feel a strong reason why your company is is interesting to them. And they aren’t likely going to look for reasons not to come on board.

A bad candidate experience can lose the interest of the right candidate no matter what the final offer.

How To Ensure A Good Candidate Experience

  1. Engage with recruiters that have a reputation for representing your company well to candidates. It’s easy to see this by looking at hiring records, and calling references.
  2. Take time to educate the people calling and talking to candidates. Ensure they know your business, and the reasons employees like working at your company.
  3. Listen to recommendations from your recruiter. They can advise on how best to relate to the interests of your preferred candidate.

At Barton Professional Placement Group, we have a solid record of excellent landings. It didn’t happen by accident. Our process focuses on discovery and communication. We work hard to understand our client’s business objectives, culture and reasons people like to work there. That way we can sell your company to active and passive candidates. We’re expert at igniting the passion your existing employees have in prospective candidates. That ensures new hires engage quickly and accelerate the hiring process as their next career move.

Get Marketing involved. If not directly, indirectly. The connection between HR and Marketing engages employees and prospective employees. Extend that to your recruiter.

Call us today to learn more about Barton Professional Placement Group, and how we connect candidate experience and successful hiring. We’re ready to show you how our process brings you passionate employees through exceptional candidate experience and successful hiring that meets job requirements, see our website, call or contact us today.