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Staffing Strategic Goals Identify the Goal-Centric Agency

staffing strategic goalsDo you discuss Staffing Strategic Goals with your staffing agency? You should. How do you know if your staffing agency is goal centric? Read on to find out more. It’s a good time to think about during 2018 planning.

When answering the question, your staffing agency should be able to frame their goals in terms of your company’s goals. It may seem like this is a one-time event, but it’s an ongoing process. (HINT: Does your staffing agency have an ongoing process?)

Set goals annually, tune them regularly, measure them often, and you’ll come out the other end of the year achieving results.

Your company has work for your employees. This work must be completed to achieve your company’s goals. And, of course, your Staffing Agency is your single strategic partner to help you get that work done.

What about other staffing agency goals? How can you evaluate and experience these aspects of your strategic partner’s primary objectives and their alignment with your corporate goals? Over time, goals require fine tuning, after all.

Here are two observable process indicators that your staffing agency goals are your staffing strategic goals.

  1. Communication. Do you have regular (at least weekly) conversations with your staffing agency (account managers, recruiters, and administrators)? Do they listen more than they speak? Do they actively ensure they know what your company is trying to achieve? Do they know how staffing impacts your success? Do they keep you informed every step of the way?
  2. Sincerity and Authenticity. Do they proactively follow up to ensure your needs are served? Do they let you know when something is amiss? Or, are you the one that has to tell them that there is an unpreventable issue like a no-call-no-show? Things happen, but is your staffing agency more interested in making excuses, or conveying a sincere apology with an action plan to address the issue?

Internally, our team at Barton Staffing Solutions discusses these two critical factors weekly to ensure alignment with our client’s staffing strategic goals, and their business objectives.

Staffing agencies must deliver a dependable industrial service. If your staffing agency is not aligned with your staffing strategic goals, give us a call or check out our website. We’ll visit you so you can meet our team and share how our approach is different and satisfies clients every day.