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Goal-Centric Agency Staffing Metrics

Partner MetricsYesterday, we shared a blog about Staffing Strategic Goals. What about the Goal-Centric Agency Staffing Metrics it takes to achieve those goals?

We dug in on the importance of, and how, Staffing Agencies must listen, understand and align staffing services with Client’s company goals. The blog pointed out how goals get tuned over time. And that your staffing partner must have a communication-centric approach in order to be responsive and timely.

The question today is to ask what does it take to really measure these goals? What are the basic factors that any staffing partner measures to satisfy their clients effectively. This list is not exhaustive, but four factors are:

  1. Turnover vs. Tenure. In general, turnover is bad, it affects productivity. But Tenure, and conversion of temporary workers to full-time employees is good. Knowing the difference, and properly measuring turnover is critical. Your staffing agency should be able to convey this clearly relative to the type of operation and work you are using staffing resources for.
  2. Training and Certification. How does your staffing agency manage temporary employee training and certifications. Do they check it once, or do they have a system that manages expiration and renewal. When balancing qualifications with turnover and tenure, this is a critical element to building a flexible and compliant workforce today that you rely on your staffing agency to deliver tomorrow and next year.
  3. Compliance. HR and regulatory compliance applies to your staffing agency just as it does your company. In financial terms, it’s largest operational expense portion of your markup. Do you care? Yes! When regulatory enforcement looks for issues, they also look for those responsible. Never look the other way. Ensure your staffing agency partner has the same level of compliance your firm requires of internal employees.
  4. Safety. Certainly one of the most important factors is safety. What are the metrics and records your staffing agency has for safety? Do they have a safety manager on staff? Do they have safety programs to ensure their temporary workers are maintaining the safety standards you require? Ask if you don’t know. After an accident, it’s too late to find out something you could have done differently for a safer outcome.

Bottom line here is that you need a Staffing Agency Partner. Probably a single partner that you trust to maintain the level required of these metrics to ensure your focus is on achieving your company’s goals, and not so much on micro-managing substandard providers in these areas. Barton Staffing Solutions knows Safety, Compliance, Training/Certification and Turnover/Tenure as the key factors that support achieving your goals.

So many think they need more than one staffing partner to “spread out the risk.” Unfortunately, this dramatically increases risk as you now have to build and maintain trust and relationships with 3 times the partners for your staffing needs. That’s three times the work, three times the effort, and probably even more in terms of cost. Pick one, and build strength in the partner relationship and support their ability to deliver profitably and in a sustained way, the demand you have for staffing.

Barton Staffing Solutions is your single partner. We understand Goal-Centric Agency Staffing Metrics. Give us a call today to learn more about these critical metrics and how to leverage a single staffing agency as a prime staffing partner.