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Safe Behavior At Work – Aware Avoid Act

Safe BahaviorHuman nature often puts our focus on what NOT to do in order to be safe at work, or improve safe behavior.

Another positive approach is to consider what TO DO and what factors require constant vigilance.

Let consider these Three A’s of Safe Behavior at work.





On the job every employee should be aware of their surrounding environment and the activities going on and people who also participate in the same space. Being aware of the machines being operated, the tools used, and the what is safe and unsafe relative to the surrounding environment. Awareness is the critical first step to avoiding hazards and reducing risk of accident at work.


Once one is aware, taking the time to both consciously and subconsciously avoid those things, activities, and hazards that can do harm. Or, simply put, avoid risk. This can be as simple as wearing the proper PPE to walking only in safe designated pathways marked in the facility. Avoid dangers and hazards also sets a good example for other workers around you. Avoiding risk is a critical element of accident prevention.


It’s critical to act or take action when one observes a hazard or unsafe condition. Even when employees practice exceptional awareness and avoidance, something is going to happen that requires taking action. The adage “See Something Say Something” applies here. Don’t assume that someone else reported whatever you observe. Proactively act to ensure it is remedied so the next person is not hurt. Take action and let a supervisor know of hazards or any unsafe condition at work. Also notify your safety manager.

At Barton Staffing Solutions, we have a rigorous on-boarding process that drives safety as a core competency for our temporary workers. We review many things during orientation, a major portion of our on-boarding is around safety. the central elements are to be Aware of safety and one’s surroundings, always to Avoid hazards and unnecessary risk, and always Act, or take action, when something is not right.

To learn more about our safety initiatives and how we are constantly working to improve safe behavior in our workforce for you, call Barton Staffing Solutions today.