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Staffing Applicant Rules of Engagement

Staffing Gets You Back In The Game

staffing applicantExcellent! So, you are looking for a new job, and you have come to a temporary staffing agency to get back in the game. That’s a perfect strategy – and worth a quick review of best practices or staffing applicant rules of engagement to help you land that next job.

Barton Staffing Solutions has perfected the process to help staffing applicants like you get out to work and back in the workforce. It’s a partnership between you, your staffing agency, and the staffing agency’s clients. It can be life-changing. Together, everyone wins, progress happens, your career advances. It takes a real effort from all involved. Some basic common sense and rules of engagement are worth reviewing.

Remember, as a staffing applicant applying for work with a staffing agency, you will be employed by the agency, they will pay you, and under all rules and regulations, you are considered an employee of the staffing agency. However, you will be assigned to perform, work that your skills qualify you for at one of the staffing agency’s client locations.

Staffing Applicant Rules of Engagement

  1. Like every other job you may apply for, you will need to fill out an application.
  2. In this day and age, all staffing applicants will need to pass a drug screen.
  3. Most staffing agencies’ clients require a Background Check. This adds time to the process.
  4. Resume’s are helpful to put you at the top of the stack.
  5. There will be an interview with the staffing agency, and often times with the client.
  6. Having your own transportation gives you greater flexibility for the better assignments.
  7. Read the staffing agency’s employee handbook, you signed off that you would abide by it.
  8. Be patient, not all current assignments fit your skills and experience. New assignments come up all the time.
  9. Consider the value your staffing agency provides, from work opportunity to training and benefits.
  10. Social Media can help you. Follow your staffing agency on Facebook and Twitter for new assignments as they are posted.
  11. Get a FREE Email Address. You need it. All employee communication occurs over email.

Take the Job Seriously

Like everything in your career, as a staffing applicant, take a staffing assignment seriously. It can have a profound affect on your career. Here’s why:

  1. The Agency’s clients are looking at YOU to identify the talent they want to bring on permanently.
  2. Follow directions. Be an exemplary worker. Do you best work and you will get noticed.
  3. Be a model worker. Show up. Attendance is required. Don’t smoke or litter, set a good example.
  4. Learn about the company you are assigned to, be respectful, independent AND a team player.
  5. Follow the rules of both the Agency AND the Client you are assigned to work.
  6. Attitude is everything – and people are watching.
  7. On the job safety is also critical to success – injury or property damage accidents are noticed.
  8. No horseplay, read and follow all warnings and signs in the workplace, ask questions.
  9. Demonstrate responsibility, accountability, high standards, trustworthiness and you will be noticed.

A Word About Background Checks.

Your staffing agency wants to get you out to work – but they must also meet client requirements. Clients make the final decision. Don’t get discouraged.

Work with your staffing agency. Tell them honestly what you have in your background. They have clients that will give people a second chance. It may not be the assignment you prefer. However, it’s work experience that puts you on the right path to eventually landing the assignment and job you want.

If you don’t get the assignment your heart is set on, don’t hold it against the staffing agency. Your staffing agency is there to help you, and they want to help you. Work with them.

Your Recruiter Is Your Partner

Remember your recruiter at your staffing agency is your partner in moving your career forward. Help them, help you. the work you are assigned to do for your staffing agency is valuable and should find its way on your resume. If you have questions, ask your staffing agency. Call them every week and check in for new work if between assignments.

Does This Sound Like Your Agency?

This is basic common sense. Barton Staffing Solutions treats their employees with respect putting thousands to work each year. Many stay with us as a work preference. Others find their way into full-time positions with our clients. We know we can help you.

However, if the thoughts above seem foreign to you, perhaps its time you come in to Barton Staffing Solutions and be a staffing applicant for one of our open positions! We can help you find a better place to work, if your current staffing agency isn’t all that you want it to be.

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