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Exodus Challenges Hiring In Illinois

Exodus Challenge HiringIn Illinois, an Exodus Challenges Hiring. How does this affect your Recruiting and Hiring needs in 2018?

Each year, Allied Van Lines, a U.S.-based residential moving company, produces a report on interstate residential moves. you can read the report, and see historical data, here: Where is America Moving?

This year, the report identifies Illinois as the new leader in outbound moves in the United States. The moves indicate workforce talent is departing the state.

Illinois leads the entire country with 62.4% of moves departing the state. That has the highest rate of Exodus Challenges Hiring of all 50 states. Completing the ratio of outbound to inbound moves, only 37.6% of moves were inbound to the state.

Barton Professional Placement Group is committed to the growth of our state. At the same time, we need to share with our clients and readers that the dynamic creates a serious challenge for us, and all recruiters placing talent at your company locations in Illinois.

Key Indicators

The outbound percentage is a good indicator of several factors challenging companies trying to hire talent in the state of Illinois. And, must truly be a factor in attracting existing companies to enter the Illinois, such as Amazon, and keeping Illinois-headquartered companies, such as Boeing. Out of balance, the ratio ultimately drives a declining population, and declining workforce.

When out of balance, this ratio ultimately drives a decline in available talent.

From a macro-perspective, the moves number is an indicator of where jobs are migrating – either in or out of the state. They are attracted to states that have high Inbound numbers. The macro-trend suggests other consequences ultimately might occur. Some consequences of the trend may even be predictable.

Competing for Talent

Competition for talent just went to a new level. Not just with like companies with like jobs in the local job market, but significant pressure from out of state companies that can offer better wages, a lower cost of living, and subsequently a better work life balance. That last factor is directly related to companies able to budget for better employee benefits, less overtime pressure on a small workforce, less need for breadwinners to hold two jobs to make ends meet, and other real context that employees consider when offered a position at a specific salary.

What to Consider

Human Resources professionals and hiring managers should take these factors into consideration when they are positioning their open jobs. Specifically, consider if the salary can attract the quality of candidate desired, and how scarce the skills have become as this migration has continued since 1994, for the state of Illinois.

Trust Your Recruiting Partner

Use your Search and Placement firm as a resource. They have close access to the local talent market. They know what is available and what salary leveling needs to be to land the best candidate and prevent turnover. Working together we can drive this trend in another direction.

Barton Professional Placement has SHRM-certified HR leadership, and can carry on the trusted-partner-level discussion that can help prevent this dynamic from affecting your company adversely. Call us today, and let’s discuss.