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Staffing and the Operating Model

Recruiting and staffing processes are part of a greater Staffing Operating Model. Barton Staffing Solutions’ and its clients’ business ecosystems constitute this larger business operating model. Our staffing operating model efficiently and effectively creates value for our clients.

Staffing firms employ an important segment of the workforce. Staffing firms also deliver contingent labor to the workforce to meet a variety of conditions and factors driving a client’s business decisions. How does this all fit together.

On October 7, 2013, we blogged about our unique Temporary Staffing Process.

Process Barton Staffing Solutions

Other firms cannot copy it because it must be anchored in company culture and requires regular training, good management and high-touch operations that focuses on clients first. And, it’s really part of a much larger model that incorporates those needs of our clients.

Staffing Operating Model

There is a much bigger business operating model which the temporary staffing process model fits inside.

Our Operating Model starts with the Client’s Business Operation and their requirements. It also circles back to satisfy the needs of our client’s stakeholders. The Staffing Process is at the heart.


Operating Model


The Point

The point is to transparently demonstrate how Barton Staffing Solutions uniquely provides better value for its clients. We run our business like you run your business. Operating models are fundamental to doing that successfully.

Barton Staffing Solutions’ Business Operating Model Creates Value for Clients.

When we are asked about how we calculate our staffing fees we explain that the cost of creating that value drives our fee rates. It’s important to show you why, and how – as this graphic is intended.

Seeing the Business Process Framework sheds light on real value creation. Barton Staffing Solutions is here to listen and learn from you. And, we’re here to provide more answers as you consider how we are unique and different in serving your needs. Call us today.