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The New Tax Plan & ACA Compliance, Don’t Assume

ACA ComplianceIf you are our client you know that Barton Staffing Solutions continues to offer health insurance to eligible employees. We’re committed to following the Affordable Care Act. The ACA as it pertains to employers is still law and our clients expect us to be compliant.

Your Staffing Firm

Do you know if your staffing company is complying? If you don’t know, It is worth checking to be sure. Letting your guard down can have serious implications.

Recent news stories have generated a false sense of security when reporting that “the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has all but killed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010.

If you have questions, call Barton Staffing Solutions. We can share our compliance record supporting your future staffing decisions.

What You Need to Know

It’s clear that the IRS is interested in collecting taxes and fines levied under the ACA. The elimination of penalties for the Employee Mandate does not relieve employers from their Employer Mandate responsibility. Employers, including staffing firms are still obligated and should know this:

  • The Employer Mandate remains.
  • US employers (including staffing agencies) with 50 or more employees must offer eligible workers ACA-compliant coverage.
  • Employer reporting of IRS 1095C and 1094C forms and compliance data at year end must continue.
  • The Employee Mandate is not repealed by the tax plan until 2019, and continues through 2018. Employees will expect to receive their form 1095C at the end of 2018.

The bottom line is that employers, including staffing agencies, must continue to offer eligible employees insurance and keep records of employee enrollment and waivers of those offers. The IRS also continues to expect these records to be reported at year end.

If You Don’t Know, Ask!

If you have doubt about your staffing company’s current compliance, you should ask about it. Don’t assume that an invoice line item for an “ACA Surcharge” means they are complying – be sure to get the compliance your company expects, and is paying for.

When it comes to the new tax plan & ACA compliance, ask, don’t assume.

For companies that use temporary staffing services, you should confirm that your staffing company continues to follow the Employer Mandate rules of the ACA. Ignorance of the law, is not a defensible position. The IRS is interested in collecting ACA fines. The proof is in the form of Letter 226 notices sent recently.

We Can Help

Barton Staffing Solutions is and has been diligently complying with this law, and is confident that we can meet your needs for compliance. We’re also here to share what we know as we learn it – things will continue to change. Call us today to learn more about how we can support you.