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Completed Placements – We’re Here to Help

We’re excited to announce three strategic placements our team has completed to meet our client’s hiring requirements.

  • Production Manager for premier diversified global construction materials company serving commercial and residential building industries.
  • Pre-Press Coordinator for book manufacturer serving textbook and specialty book printing, binding and production.
  • Production Manager for foam products manufacturer serving medical construction, acoustic, aerospace and other markets.

Seems like the Summer has heated up placements again. The exceptional candidate market is hard to access, but Barton Professional Placement continues to deliver for those clients committed to filling the positions essential to their strategic results.

Our focus remains on client success through driving strategic value in hiring. We know that building the organization necessary to achieve strategic goals is a prerequisite. Success happens when the right people are hired, and that is where we come in.

Well into our 6th year, our clients rely on us to deliver. How can we help you? Give us a call. We’re happy to share more about these success stories, and our unique ability to deliver in tight talent markets.

Details on these strategic completed placements remain confidential, pending our client’s own announcement timing.

About Barton Professional Placement Group

Barton Professional Placement Group provides performance-based and confidential search and placement services. The search and placement firm helps clients accelerate growth through hiring top talent. They recruit exceptional candidates for critical roles including EHS, HR, IT, Design, Engineering, Logistics, Operations positions in a variety of manufacturing industries. Barton Professional Placement Group is a hiring partner to its clients. Their client-centric collaborative search process serves senior executive management while engaging hiring stakeholders.

To learn more please contact Barton Professional Placement Group now for your hiring needs at 630-549-6301 or www.BartonPPG.com.