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pandemic job search tipsThere’s a global pandemic and you are looking for a job. Albert Einstein is reported to have said “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” With that thought in mind, this is when motivated candidates get ahead. They look for pandemic job search tips to put them ahead of other job seekers.

In the reality of COVID-19 some were let go, some anticipate being let go, some were looking for a new job already. Whether you are forced to look or are preemptively looking, it’s time to step up your game and turn this time into opportunity.

Short List of Pandemic Job Search Tips

Here’s the list. It is brief for a reason. There are no short-cuts. Think how each one will turn into steps you can improve your own job search and land that new position.

  1. Read the job description carefully. Be honest in assessing your fit with the skills you possess.
  2. Help your recruiter help you. Don’t waste their time if you don’t have the skills in the job description.
  3. Write a good resume. Position yourself around results you can produce that the company is trying to achieve.
  4. Briefly state what previous employers produced in your resume. Don’t assume hiring managers know.
  5. NEVER use the “APPLY ALL” option that Online job Boards advertise. Manage your reputation strategically.
  6. Network with hiring Managers. During shelter-in-place that opportunity to connect is big.
  7. Re-read the job description (again). Use time and energy wisely by applying only if you meet requirements.

Some Good News in the Pandemic

Good companies are out there. GREAT companies are still hiring. Why? Great companies know when this is over they want talent in place to immediately generate results and execute strategic plans for 2020. That requires hiring NOW.

As a candidate, are you targeting positions at GREAT companies with leadership poised to run toward a challenge? In the pandemic, great companies position their businesses as “Essential” under the state’s SIT (shelter in place) order. Put GREAT companies at the top of your list.

Work with Recruiters

Barton Professional Placement Group brings great candidates together with Great Companies hiring for strategic positions. In the unique time of a pandemic job search, ensure you use their time wisely as the connection to great companies. Companies rely on recruiters more and more each year as they pursue the right talent in an ever-changing talent marketplace. Build your relationship with each job you are considered for – even if you don’t land the job. Another opportunity with that recruiter is just around the corner.