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COVID-19 ResponseIn our last blog, we shared best practices resources clients’ COVID-19 response. As an essential business, Barton Staffing Solutions is also doing our part in the COVID-19 response. Updated resources continue at the Center for Disease Control (CDC), OSHA and other industry and regulatory websites.

And, it’s also important to know Barton Staffing Solutions has implemented a parallel and similar COVID-19 response. After all, we are recruiting the workforce your essential business requires under of the Illinois Shelter-in-Place Order.

Simply stated, the same components of the Shelter-in-Place order have been instituted in all four Barton Staffing Solutions offices.


We’ve increased already rigorous facility cleaning procedures. We’ve always had sanitizing wipes available for disinfecting workplace surfaces. Hand sanitizer has also been available to employees and visitors to the office as a SOP.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is also the rule for all persons in the office.Office traffic has also been reduced and patterned in a number of ways.

Online and Remote Access

The majority of job applicants can and often do complete job applications online or from their mobile phones. Screening and qualification interviews happen initially by phone, and finalized during assignment on-boarding.

Staying Home if Sick

All recruiting and administrative personnel are to follow the CDC guidelines on what to do if you are sick. Like you, we’re following COVID-19 response guidelines and recommendations of the experts. We are part of your essential business value chain, and there is no other option. The health and safety of our internal people as well as your workforce is paramount.

COVID-19 Response: Serve Clients

For us, a COVID-19 response requires client service levels be maintained. We tune our process to deliver the same great service our clients expect. Our team is set up for remote access to business and recruiting systems should it be necessary. It’s critical to us, to ensure all our clients in essential businesses have the same excellent service we’ve always provided. That is our COVID-19 response.

Barton Staffing Solutions‘ COVID-19 response actions since mid-March is proactive, and this list is just a small snapshot. We are here to support you, our clients and our employees. While others may run away from a crisis, it’s in our nature to run toward it. If you have questions on how we are prepared internally to serve you, give us a call – we’re here to help.