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Don’t Wait – There Are Jobs Available Now

Jobs Available NowDon’t wait until everyone is applying for the same jobs you want. Things are way different than they were 2 months ago – in many ways. The motivated see this as opportunity to work, or get a better job, or switch job roles altogether. But be aware that the competition for the best jobs increases each day the economy reopens for business a little more.

It’s true some 30 million people are out of work today due to the the current pandemic. Another truth is that we have open positions and essential businesses are hiring.

We are hiring for open positions NOW!

Many light industrial jobs in manufacturing, logistics, warehouse, food products, and more are on the IL State List of Essential Businesses. There is work now, and smart applicants are applying now for these best jobs.

What about Fear

Don’t let fear dictate your employment prospects. Again, the fact is that the Illinois Department of Health, the CDC and OSHA have published for many weeks now, clear guidelines that employers have implemented. The truth again is that employers need to have employees, so they are making the workplace as safe as possible following these guidelines. There is little to fear in applying for and taking a position. And, of course, everyone now is wearing a face mask.

Do It Now Don’t Wait

If you want to work and bring home a paycheck, there are jobs available now. When 30 million unemployed people turn into job seekers in the coming weeks, competition for jobs will increase. NOW is the time to apply for a job with Barton Staffing Solutions. Our team has the ability to screen, qualify and assign you to a position today. You can search for a job right now, and apply online, and get a call the same day or first thing in the morning.