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On Unemployment? Don’t Be The Last One

UnemploymentThis blog is for you if you are on unemployment benefits. Collecting unemployment benefits can sometimes feel like a game of Musical Chairs. Don’t be the last one to get back to work. Regrouping to figure out what you want to do is valuable, only to a point.

The added COVID-19 benefits intended to help those laid off from their jobs will end. Simply put, don’t be last in line to find a job.

The extra stimulus benefits provided under COVID-19 legislation run out soon. Then there will be a rush to find jobs. There will be stiff competition for the better jobs that pay more.

You should not wait. The truth is, better jobs that pay well are available now. When the extra COVID-19 unemployment benefit ends, there will be a rush to fill the jobs, and it will be harder to get the one you want.

It really is like the children’s game of Musical Chairs – but more competitive. Instead of removing one chair, half the chairs are going to disappear – overnight. When that happens, many who waited to be the last one will be settling for whatever job is left, or perhaps no job.

Your work life, your career, is in your hands. Those that move first have the greatest choice. Waiting for one more unemployment check instead of getting back in the workforce earlier, could leave you unemployed longer, and unemployment benefits paid will be much less.

No one likes to be unemployed. It’s time to apply for that next job Don’t be the last one.

Barton Staffing Solutions has jobs. The time is now. We can’t wait to hear from you.