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850,000 Reasons to Apply

This week’s Jobs Report shows the economy added 850,000 new jobs in June. The Wall Street Journal reported the Labor Rebound is in full swing.

This is one of those signals that says, “Don’t walk, RUN.

Why? Because, the best jobs are filling fast. Your bills, living expenses and rent are due. Unemployment and other pandemic-recovery programs are phasing out.

If you are hesitating or trying to time getting back into the job market – the signal that NOW is the time could not be stronger. 850,000 Reasons to Apply just occurred last month with 850,000 people getting back into the workforce. By the end of the summer, the job market may shift, and there will be fewer jobs available.

Barton Staffing Solutions is seeing the pick-up of new jobs as well. Here’s some great reasons to come in NOW, or go online and apply for a new job.

Job Market and Industry Reasons:

  1. Pay rates have increased and are at their highest rate for many jobs.
  2. Companies are hiring.
  3. The Pandemic is all but over. There IS a vaccine. Employers have made workplaces safe.
  4. Beat the flood of applicants that “850,000” is signaling.
  5. Build your confidence and self-worth – get off of unemployment and contribute – you will feel better!
  6. Many companies are offering training to grow your skills.

Barton Staffing Solutions Reasons:

  1. We have MANY JOBS AVAILABLE – many with immediate start opportunities – all you need to do is apply!
  2. Weekly Pay every Wednesday – always on time!
  3. Medical Benefits options including full medical, dental, vision, life, short-term disability, tele-medicine and more (after meeting eligibility requirements).
  4. Holiday Paid Time Off for long-term good attendance.
  5. Referral Program – get paid a BONUS for referring your friends!
  6. Google Reviews consistently rate Barton Staffing Solutions almost 5 stars.


With 850,000 new employees jumping into the job market last month, the time is NOW. Come in or just call us to ask about these and other reasons working for Barton Staffing Solutions is your best option!